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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Cuatro Coffee202 - 9014 152nd St
Cuisine and Company2643 128th St
Cultures716 - 10153 King George Blvd
Cupcakes (Surrey)1376 - 10355 152nd St
Curry Bistro13448 108th Ave
Curry Indian Cuisine1409 - 10355 152nd St
Curry Lounge130 - 16030 24th Ave
Curry & Kabab Indian Cuisine117 - 7500 120th St
Czorny Alzheimer Centre16850 66th Ave
Czorny Alzheimer Centre - Main Kitchen16850 66th Ave
D-Plus Pizza (152nd St)105A - 9547 152nd St
D-Plus Pizza (192nd St)104 - 7228 192nd St
D-Plus Pizza (Fraser Hwy)103 - 15933 Fraser Hwy
D-Plus Pizza (King George Blvd)10207 King George Blvd
D & K Convenience Store13190 64th Ave
Dad's Bistro12411 King George Blvd
Dad's Donair & Specialty Foods502 - 15989 108th Ave
Dae-Ji401 - 15940 Fraser Hwy
Daily Fresh103 - 10252 City Pky
Dairy Queen #270019436 King George Blvd
Dairy Queen #27081106 - 8140 120th St
Dairy Queen #27109205 - 7115 138th St
Dairy Queen #271729110 152nd St
Dairy Queen #271732071 152nd St
Dairy Queen #2726817720 56th Ave
Dairy Queen #273485630 152nd St
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius #273851414 - 10355 152nd St
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius (Central City)516-2591C - 10153 King George Blvd
Danica's Bistro105 - 1959 152nd St
Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahibji Surrey8820 168th St

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