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Chilliwack Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Shoppers Drug Mart #225145800 Promontory Rd
Simply Savory Valley Catering41744 Yarrow Central Rd
SKT Farms Inc.45660 Airport Rd
Smameletawtxw Little Pebbles AHS Daycare-Food Service45603 Yale Rd
Smits & Cow5787 Lickman Rd
St Mary's Church & School Food Service8909 Mary St
St Thomas Anglican Church Kitchen46048 Gore Ave
Starbucks Coffee #189B 3&5 - 46020 Yale Rd
Starbucks Coffee #4443P3-02 - 45585 Luckakuck Way
Starbucks Coffee #4782107 - 45800 Promontory Rd
Starbucks Coffee #4840Unit 1 Building A - 45955 Yale Rd
Starbucks Coffee #5605645604 Airport Rd
Starbucks #26373202 - 5580 Vedder Rd
Sticky's Candy2 - 45575 Keith Wilson Rd
Sticky's Candy45929 Wellington Ave
Stone Kitchen7697 Lickman Rd
Subway #1120045280 Luckakuck Way
Subway #141677 - 46030 Yale Rd
Subway #16749D - 46298 Yale Rd
Subway #420718032 Lickman Rd
Subway #465331 - 45575 Keith Wilson Rd
Sunset Manor8920 - 2 Broadway St
Supplement King102 - 45833 Alexander Ave
SureStay Hotels by Best Western Chilliwack - Restaurant43971 Industrial Way
Sushi Nabi130B - 6640 Vedder Rd
Sushi Yama110 - 7491 Vedder Rd
Sushiwa102 - 5625 Promontory Rd
Tambayan45646 Lark Rd
Tee Time Grill44610 Luckakuck Way
The Auburn Retirement Residences8531 Young Rd

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