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Coquitlam Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Nice Meating You535 Clarke Rd
Ninja Bubble Tea2972 Glen Dr
Nonhyun Samgaetang240 - 329 North Rd
North Garden Cafe Restaurant411 - 552 Clarke Rd
Northside Foursquare Church1460 Lansdowne Dr
Nubo Grill & Tapas102 - 100 Schoolhouse St
Nutri House Trading1065 - 1163 Pinetree Way
Oak Barrel Wines115 - 2918 Glen Dr
Occasionally Honey97 - 2710 Barnet Hwy
Olivier's Breads (Manufacturer)101/102 - 12 King Albert St
On Site Coffee Truck540 Sunset Ave
OPA! of Greece (Coquitlam)2632 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Osushi Japanese RestaurantC9 - 1410 Parkway Blvd
Our Lady of Fatima Hall315 Walker St
Our Lady of Lourdes828 Laval Sq
Oz Korean Cuisine112 - 1190 Pinetree Way
Panago Pizza #37113 - 581 Clarke Rd
Panago #065A - 2662 Austin Ave
Papa's Shish Kabab103 - 552 Clarke Rd
Papa John's Pizza (North Rd)2A - 555 North Rd
Pappa Leo's Pizza2 - 228 Schoolhouse St
Pappa Leo's Pizza9 - 2565 Barnet Hwy
Pappa Roti100 - 1196 Pinetree Way
Parkwood Manor Food Service1142 Dufferin St
Parsian Mediterranean Food Market952 Brunette Ave
Pasargad Restaurant20-22 - 2565 Barnet Hwy
Passion 8104 - 403 North Rd
Pasta Polo and Brick Oven Pizza2754 Barnet Hwy
Pearl Fever Tea House4 - 228 Schoolhouse St
Pearl Fever (Coquitlam)340 - 3025 Lougheed Hwy

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