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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Aaron's Steak & Pizza17665 57th Ave
Academics preKindergarten100 - 15300 Croydon Dr
Ace Curries to Go Ltd3 - 12342 82A Ave
Active Body Express13821 103rd Ave
Active Body Express120 - 15850 26th Ave
Active Body Nutrition (Surrey)140 - 15260 Hwy 10
Adams Beverages Ltd.60 - 13325 115th Ave
Adana Grill13647 72nd Ave
AFC Sushi - Thrifty Foods 24102 - 15745 Croydon Dr
Afghan Bakery and Fast Food13748 104th Ave
Afghan Chopan104 - 12888 80th Ave
Afghan Kitchen115 - 16120 24th Ave
African Superstore105 - 10761 King George Blvd
Aggarwal Sweets351 - 8158 128th St
Agoongyi Korean Restaurant19555 Fraser Hwy
Aihara Enterprise Ltd.1 - 8528 123rd St
Ajay Food Store107 - 9250 120th St
Aji Sushi Family Kitchen5 - 3268 King George Blvd
Aka Sushi103 - 18408 64th Ave
Akasaka Japanese Restaurant (Surrey)15110 101st Ave
Akash Chaat House & Restaurant107 - 12877 80th Ave
AL-Baraka Bakery & Kitchen Foods14756 108A Ave
Al - Baraka Convenience Store & Halal Meat14771 108th Ave
Al - Rafidain Fresh Produce101 - 16814 104th Ave
Al Salam Halal Meat1103 - 7360 137th St
Alebi African Cuisine - 10694 135A St
Alexandra Neighbourhood House - Longhouse2916 McBride Ave
Alexandra Neighbourhood House (Beach House)2916 McBride Ave
Alexandra Neighbourhood House (Main Dining Hall)2916 McBride Ave
Aling Mary's Bakery & Pilipino Delicatese15 - 13025 84th Ave

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