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White Rock Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Dew Drop Inn15065 Marine Dr
Dining Wok Shanghai Restaurant15246 Russell Ave
Dock's Fish & Chips15061 Marine Dr
Dolce Gelato15045 Marine Dr
Emilio Finatti Sicilian Pizzeria5 - 15223 Pacific Ave
Evergreen Heights Kitchen1550 Oxford St
Famous Rome Ice Cream15543 Marine Dr
Fishboat Restaurant15513 Marine Dr
Five Corners Cafe1173 Johnston Rd
Five Corners Vietnamese Restaurant15182 Buena Vista Ave
Five Restaurant15047 Marine Dr
Freshslice Pizza1113 Vidal St
Good Shepherd Lodge Food Service14858 Prospect Ave
Heaven's Angels Gifts & Coffee15557 Marine Dr
Hillcrest Bakery & Deli Ltd15231 Thrift Ave
Holly's Poultry In Motion15491 Marine Dr
Howes Market1289 Johnston Rd
Islands Cafe1237 Johnston Rd
Jan's on the Beach14989 Marine Dr
Java Express15090 N Bluff Rd
Kappa Restaurant1450 George St
Kent Street Coffee Shop1475 Kent St
KFC #18151531 Johnston Rd
King's Banquet at Star of the Sea Centre15262 Pacific Ave
King Sushi15238 N Bluff Rd
Krave Subs and Juice14837 Marine Dr
La Baia Italian Restaurant15791 Marine Dr
Laura's Coffee Corner2 - 15259 Pacific Ave
Le Vol Au Vent14959 Marine Dr
Leela Thai Restaurant1310 Johnston Rd

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