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Langley Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centre - Langley6179 200th St
Jerusalem Grill (Langley)102 - 19700 Langley Bypass
Jim's Pizza10 - 20349 88th Ave
Jimy Mac's Neighborhood Pub19935 96th Ave
Joe's Soup Kitchen20676 Fraser Hwy
John's Chicken House20162 Fraser Hwy
Jugo Juice (Langley)1 - 7280 200th St
Kam Wah Wonton House111 - 20611 Fraser Hwy
Katana19957 Willowbrook Dr
Katy's RestaurantC - 20535 Douglas Cres
Keg In The Country #1099020 202nd St
Kernels (Langley)K8 - 19705 Fraser Hwy
KFC #090-002410B - 19705 Fraser Hwy
KFC #183520185 88th Ave
KFC #1K212001100 - 27012 Fraser Hwy
KFC/Taco Bell #182819971 64th Ave
Kids World Daycare and Learning Centre6942 202B St
Kids + Company Langley8506 200th St
Kim Long Vietnamese SausageH6 - 6280 202nd St
Kin's Farm Market (Langley)195 - 20330 88th Ave
Kitchening & Co.205 - 20701 Langley Bypass
KO's Sushi Japanese Restaurant103 - 22071 48th Ave
Kostas Greek Restaurant20080 Fraser Hwy
Kovan Korean Restaurant804 - 6339 200th St
KPU Brewing Lab20901 Langley Bypass
Krause Farms - Porch6179 248th St
Krause Farms Estate Winery6179 248th St
Krause Farms Estate Winery Kitchen & Bar6179 248th St
Krause Farms Kitchen6179 248th St
Krown Imports9325 200th St

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