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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Burger King #1539712525 88th Ave
Burger King #18301440 - 10153 King George Hwy
Burger King #18332101 - 10355 120th St
Butterfly Play Cafe12871 16th Ave
Buy-Low Foods #080072 - Bakery/Deli14865 108th Ave
Buy-Low Foods #080072 - Meat14865 108th Ave
Buy-Low Foods #080072 - Produce/Dairy14865 108th Ave
Buy-Low Foods #080072 - Store14865 108th Ave
Buy Low Foods Warehouse19580 Telegraph Trail
Buy N Save13480 72nd Ave
C-Lovers Fish and Chips (South Surrey)100 - 2655 King George Blvd
Cabizerra Bistro14775 108th Ave
Cactus Club Cafe (South Point)15079 32nd Ave
Cafe Central10350 University Dr
Cafe Kanata1 - 13325 76th Ave
Cafe Madras111 - 8381 128th St
Cafe Nelly107 - 13401 108th Ave
Cafe Rosen103 - 10422 168th St
Calgary Sweets113 - 7928 128th St
Calvary Christian Church16293 104th Ave
Camellia Residences - Food Service10928 132nd St
Camy's Pizza12849 96th Ave
Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza (152nd St)162 - 10070 152nd St
Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza (72nd Ave)2 - 13791 72nd Ave
Canadian Fried Chicken100 - 10252 City Pky
Canadian H2O to Go Inc105 - 17700 56th Ave
Canadian Reformed Church - Kitchen17473 60th Ave
Canadian Singh Sabha Gurdwara Society8115 132nd St
Canadian Surrey Veggie Pizza & Curry House106 - 8077 King George Blvd
Canuel Caterers7532 134A St

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