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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Sharetea101 - 13402 104th Ave
Sharondale Lodge17826 57th Ave
Shawarma Palace115 - 7218 King George Blvd
Sheila's Catering2201 148th St
Shell - 72nd Car Wash & Gas #C1199012791 72nd Ave
Shell - Cloverdale Shell17588 64th Ave
Shell - Fleetwood Shell Select #C11485112 - 15551 Fraser Hwy
Shell - King George Shell #C101193155 King George Blvd
Shell - North Bluff Shell #C120152025 152nd St
Shell Canada9620 120th St
Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel - Fresh Lounge15269 104th Ave
Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel - Fresh Restaurant15269 104th Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart15105 16th Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart #2144101 - 10835 City Pky
Shoppers Drug Mart #22128962 152nd St
Shoppers Drug Mart #2222100 - 7322 King George Blvd
Shoppers Drug Mart #22316 - 12830 96th Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart #22357538 120th St
Shoppers Drug Mart #2238101 - 12080 Nordel Way
Shoppers Drug Mart #223918677 Fraser Hwy
Shoppers Drug Mart #2263105 - 16050 24th Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart #2270100 - 15157 56th Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart #2673100 - 10153 King George Blvd
Short & Sweet Patisserie and Bakery104 - 16793 60th Ave
Showshaa201 - 7500 120th St
Showshaa101 - 3020 152nd St
Shree Sanata Dharam Sabha (Fiji) of BC12 - 8473 124th St
Shri Durga Mandir210 - 7750 128th St
Sikh Academy12895 85th Ave
Simitistic13920 104th Ave

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