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Chilliwack Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
First Avenue Residence Food Service5 - 46433 1st Ave
Flame101/103 - 45961 Princess Ave
Flashback Brewing Company1 - 9360 Mill St
Ford Mountain Corrections Camp - Kitchen #6071157657 Chilliwack Lake Rd
Fortune Star108 - 45585 Luckakuck Way
Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar7350 Vedder Rd
Fraser Valley Meats101 - 7481 Vedder Rd
Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry - Processing4540 Simmons Rd
Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry - The Farm Store4540 Simmons Rd
Fresh Impressions Catering46048 Gore Ave
Freshco Chilliwack45858 Yale Rd
Freshii #1110 Garrison Village101 - 45655 Tamihi Way
Freshslice Pizza (Luckakuck Way)34C - 45585 Luckakuck Way
Freshslice Pizza (Market Way)3 - 45590 Market Way
Friendly Mike's Pub8247 Young Rd
Garrison Bistro6 - 45555 Market Way
Garrison Gourmet Greens Co.100 - 5580 Vedder Rd
Ginkgo7579 Vedder Rd
Go Bananas (Chilliwack)310 - 45389 Luckakuck Way
Golden Dragon Village Guilin Rice Noodle100G - 6640 Vedder Rd
GON Sushi23 - 5725 Vedder Rd
Gord's Meat Cutting41043 Yale Rd
Grace Unger@Richie Bros42275 Industrial Way
Granny's Grill44146 Luckakuck Way
Greek Islands II45785 Hocking Ave
Greendale Mennonite Brethren Church - Kitchen6550 Sumas Prairie Rd
Greendale River of Life Bible Church42369 South Sumas Rd
GW Graham Middle-Secondary School45955 Thomas Rd
Hampton House45555 Hodgins Ave
Hampton Inn By Hilton Chilliwack8050 Lickman Rd

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