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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Safeway #4920 - Starbucks Coffee8860 152nd St
Safeway #4920 - Store8860 152nd St
Safeway #4939 - Bakery12825 16th Ave
Safeway #4939 - Deli12825 16th Ave
Safeway #4939 - Meat & Seafood Dept12825 16th Ave
Safeway #4939 - Store12825 16th Ave
Safeway #4964 Fuel Station7107 138th St
Sage Dining Services2656 160th St
Saggi Sweet & Restaurant7248 132nd St
Saginaw Bakeries2520 190th St
Sahota's Live Grill2 - 7548 120th St
Saini Sweets & Restaurant104 - 15988 Fraser Hwy
Saint Germain Bakery1077 - 10355 152nd St
Sakuya Sushi1593 128th St
Sal y Limon Mexican Cuisine10 - 2428 160th St
Salish Secondary Cafeteria7278 184th St
Salty's Fish & Chips (56th Ave)101 - 17750 56th Ave
Sammy J's Grill & Bar15770 Croydon Dr
Samosa Lady Foods Inc.124 - 12651 80th Ave
Samosa Village1 - 13652 Grosvenor Rd
Samz Neighborhood Pub19580 56th Ave
Sandcastle Bowl Bar & Grill1938 152nd St
Sangam Palace11267 125A St
Sanhao BBQ Delight1 - 15138 100th Ave
Sanja Punjab Sweet House1B - 12830 96th Ave
Sapporo Kitchen1 - 1625 152nd St
Sarpanch Sweets And Restaurant14645 108th Ave
Sashimi & Sushi Express101C - 15277 100th Ave
Satnam Education Society of BC10677 124th St
Satya Asha Fusion Bar & Restaurant6 - 12818 72nd Ave

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