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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Papa Joe's Pizza108 - 16055 Fraser Hwy
Papa John's Pizza #009770 (Surrey)A1 - 10320 152nd St
Papa John's Pizza #11320120 - 17449 Highway 10
Papa John's Pizza (South Surrey)15 - 2245 160th St
Papa John's (Surrey)10558 King George Blvd
Papa Murphys 'Take 'n' Bake'104 - 18789 Fraser Hwy
Papa Murphy`s Pizza900 - 15355 24th Ave
Pardesi Sweets and Restaurant107 - 13588 88th Ave
Parkland Fellowship9574 160th St
Parkland Food Market8270 144th St
Path to Freedom Treatment Centre19030 56th Ave
Pattullo A&W12808 King George Blvd
Payal Chaat House & Restaurant101 - 12877 80th Ave
Peace Portal Alliance Church - Commercial Kitchen15128 27B Ave
Peace Portal Alliance Church - Servery15128 27B Ave
Peace Portal Golf Course Lounge16900 4th Ave
Peace Portal Golf Course Restaurant16900 4th Ave
Peace Portal Seniors Village15441 16th Ave
Peaceful Restaurant107 - 7320 King George Blvd
Pearl Fever Tea House140 - 7310 120th St
Pearl Fever (Surrey)65B - 10330 152nd St
Peng Food Market10823 148th St
Penguin Meat Supply1 - 19195 33rd Ave
Peninsula Resort Retirement Food Service2088 152nd St
People's Full Gospel Church14455 104 Avenue
Pepperoni Cafe140 - 6388 120th St
Petro-Canada8811 126th St
Petro-Canada8024 120th St
Petro-Canada - Bear Creek8038 King George Blvd
Petro-Canada - MountainView2 - 2692 152nd St

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