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Surrey Food Establishments

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Name Facility Location
Organic Warehouse - Bakery210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Juices & Smoothies210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Meat Department210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Organic Warehouse - Store210 - 7093 King George Blvd
Original Bhaia Sweet Shop123/124 - 15299 68th Ave
Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar139 - 17455 No 10 Hwy
Otter Gas Bar @ Surrey16788 104th Ave
Outtakes12161 72nd Ave
Pace Processing102/103 - 19180 36th Ave
Pace Processing19466 55th Ave
Pace Processing106 - 2567 192nd St
Pace Processing101/102 - 19525 56th Ave
Pacific Academy10238 168th St
Pacific Billiards and Snookers13774 104th Ave
Pacific Bistro and Convenience Store102 - 382 175A St
Pacific Carlton - Food Service15366 17th Ave
Pacific Coast Seafood101 - 13979 104th Ave
Pacific Community Church5337 180th St
Pacific Community Church5337 180th St
Pacific Life Bible College Cafeteria15100 66A Ave
Pacific Pizza12817 Old Yale Rd
Pacifica Retirement Residence2525 King George Blvd
PAH Foundation Lodge - FO15575 16A Ave
PAH Foundation Lodge (The) - Food Service15575 16A Ave
Pak Punjab Sweets & Somosas House12835 96th Ave
Pakwan House104 - 13030 76th Ave
Palmyra Mediterranean Grill167 - 10020 152nd St
Panago Pizza #34150 - 7310 120th St
Panago #022120 - 16120 24th Ave
Panago #0714851 108th Ave

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