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Sashimi Sushi (Lougheed Town Centre)

Facility Location:
116 - 9855 Austin Rd

Facility Information:
Facility Type:Restaurant
Current Hazard Rating: Low

Facility Inspection History:
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Inspection Type Inspection Date Hazard Rating
Routine Inspection  5-Feb-2018  Low
Follow-Up Inspection  25-Jul-2017  Low
Routine Inspection  18-Jul-2017  High
Routine Inspection  1-Dec-2016  Moderate
Follow-Up Inspection  1-Dec-2016  Low
Follow-Up Inspection  27-Jul-2016  Low
Routine Inspection  18-Jul-2016  High
Follow-Up Inspection  28-Jan-2016  Low
Routine Inspection  27-Jan-2016  High
Follow-Up Inspection  22-Jun-2015  Low
Routine Inspection  15-Jun-2015  High
Follow-Up Inspection  15-Jan-2015  Low
Routine Inspection  13-Jan-2015  Moderate
Follow-Up Inspection  25-Jul-2014  Low
Routine Inspection  24-Jul-2014  High
Follow-Up Inspection  22-Jan-2013  Low
Routine Inspection  14-Jan-2013  High