Residential Care

Residential care services provide a protective supervised environment and assistance with the activities of daily living for clients who can no longer reside at home. Residential care facilities offer 24 hour surveillance, professional care and supervision, assisted meal service and medication supervision.

Inspection reports
Find routine inspection reports on residential care facilities. Search by city and find facility details such as address, capacity and contact information.

In addition to routine inspections, you can find substantiated complaint reports (for long-term care facilities only).

Types of residential care facilities
Some residential care facilities are licensed by our Community Care Facilities Licensing Program. Others may operate as private hospitals under the Hospital Act.

(a) Residential Care Facilities – Licensed

A community care facility is:

Types of licensed residential care facilities include:

Licensed facilities are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with minimum health and safety standards of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and regulation.

(b) Residential Care Facilities – Operating under the Hospital Act

Long term care facilities which historically have operated as private hospitals are governed by the minimum health and safety requirements of the Hospital Act.

UpdatedSeptember 20, 2012