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Community Care Facilities Licensing

Little Ducklings Home Daycare
304 Family Child Care
1920 Eagle St
(778) 201-2630
V2S 3A6
Candice Sher

January 26, 2021
10:05 AM
11:25 AM


An unscheduled routine inspection was conducted to assess compliance with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act (CCALA), the Child Care Licensing Regulations (CCLR) and the relevant Director of Licensing Standards of Practice (DLSP). All areas of the facility were inspected for compliance.

Previous Inspection
Current InspectionItems reviewed comply with the Act, regulations & standards of practice except for those noted on supplementary pages.

Observed Violations
PHYSICAL FACILITY, EQUIPMENT AND FURNISHINGS: 11010 - CCLR s.13(1) - A licensee must ensure that a healthy and safe environment is provided at all times while children are under the supervision of employees.
Observation: Items noted during the inspection today:
-In a room where an infant was napping in a playpen, there was a closet door on the floor, leaving the large dresser unanchored, accessible to children.
-There was hole in the wall exposing drywall accessible to children.
-Two rugs, one in the main playroom and one in the bathroom used by children were crumpled, which posed a tripping hazard.
-There were toys on the floor in each room, some young children were tripping on the toys as they moved through the rooms.
-"wet wipes" were stored on the floor in two rooms.
-tables and high chair were visibly soiled and did not appeared to be cleaned after use.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure that is a healthy and safe environment is provided at all times while there are children in care
Date to be Corrected: January 29, 2021

PHYSICAL FACILITY, EQUIPMENT AND FURNISHINGS: 11190 - CCLR s.16(4)(b) - A licensee must ensure that all indoor and outdoor play materials and equipment accessible to children are (b) safely constructed, free from hazards and in good repair.
Observation: -The outdoor area had animal feces in 5 areas of the play ground. The Manager was able to remove some feces. Children and Licensing pointed out where there was more, later while playing
-There were toys in the play ground near where the feces had been, where children picked-up the toys and were playing with them. Some of the toys appeared to have been chewed by dogs.
- There was a fence with wooden screws sticking out, and was starting to rot. The fence appeared as though it could be easy for children to access the neighbors yard.
-Safety gates for the outside, upstairs, deck were removed from the top and bottom, giving access to children.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure the outdoor play area is free from hazards and in good repair
Date to be Corrected: February 2, 2021

PHYSICAL FACILITY, EQUIPMENT AND FURNISHINGS: 11200 - CCLR s.17 - A licensee must ensure that children do not have access to any object or substance that may be hazardous to the health or safety of a child.
Observation: Observed during inspection:
-Under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink cabinet there were cleaners and alcohol bottles accessible to children.
-One outlet was missing a cover, which was accessible to children who were in the upstairs living room area.
-In the kitchen, recycling bags, boxes with empty beer cans, and laundry were on the floor and accessible to children.
-Office door was ajar, giving access to children.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure there are no objects or substances that may be hazardous to the health and safety of a child.
Date to be Corrected: Jan 27, 2021

CARE AND/OR SUPERVISION: 14060 - CCLR s.39(1) - A licensee must ensure that children are supervised at all times by a person who is an educator, an assistant or a responsible adult.
Observation: Items observed:
-While the Manager went to get coats and boots at the front door, 2 children went upstairs into an unsupervised area where a number of hazards were accessible to children.
-Children were walking around while eating and drinking. One child was observed drinking from two others' drink cups which were stored on a play table where sensory activities were in use.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure you develop systems to ensure that children are supervised at all times.
Date to be Corrected: immediately

RECORDS AND REPORTING: 19060 - CCLR s.57(1)(a)(b)(c) - A licensee must keep current records for each child showing (a) the information set out in subsection (2), (b) if applicable, the information and agreements set out in subsections (2.1) and (2.2), and (c) the consents referred to in subsection (3).
Observation: 3 children's files were reviewed:
-Two files were unavailable.
-One file was missing vaccination record.
-One file was missing a start date, and vaccination record.
The daily attendance record was unavailable to review for some children.
2 children's files were unavailable for review.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure to have all children's records complete and available.
Date to be Corrected: February 2, 2021

RECORDS AND REPORTING: 19320 - CCLR s.59(a) - In respect of a record referred to in this Division, a licensee must (a) keep in a single place at the community care facility the records referred to in sections 56 to 58.
Observation: Manager was unable to provide some records for children in care. Some records were upstairs, causing the Manger to leave the supervision area to collect them.
Corrective Action(s): Please ensure records are complete and one accessible area.
Date to be Corrected:


Summary of Inspection

The COVID-19 Pre-screening was done prior to inspection.
During today’s inspection, there were 5 children, and 1 staff were present.

At this inspection the above noted contraventions were identified.
Licensee is required to submit a corrective action plan to address the contraventions. Licensing will conduct a follow-up inspection in 3 days.

The following was discussed:
- Discussion around legislative requirements for supervision.
-Discussed the importance of knowing and understanding the Licensing Legislation.
- COVID-19 BCCDC requirements were reviewed, for cleaning and toy use, it was discussed that reduced amount of toys would allow for regular cleaning and organization of the program during COVID.
-Outdoor wood structure was discussed. Manager stated it would be removed shortly.

Resources given today:

-Reportable Incident form
-Care and Supervision Checklist

Visit the CCFL website at
for additional resources, and links to the Legislation (CCALA and CCLR).

Further websites:
BCCDC for Covid-19 information:

The contents of this inspection report was reviewed with the Manager prior to the inspection report being written off-site, therefore no signature attached.
A copy of the report was provided to the facility by email to the address given today.
If you have any concerns or further questions regarding the content of this report, please contact your Licensing Officer.

Action Required by Licensee/ManagerAction Required by Licensing Staff
Take corrective action to bring facility into compliance, Provide a written response to LicensingFollow-up Inspection Required
Due Date
Feb 02, 2021
Approximate Follow Up Date
29 Jan, 2021

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