Health Protection

Taps and Tacos Restaurant
91 Moody St
Port Moody, BC V3H 0H1
March 13, 2019
1.25 hours
OPERATOR (Person in Charge)
Scott McTavish
March 20, 2019
Require Corrections


In Use

Food Safety Training [s. 10]


Food Safety Plan [s. 23]



Sanitation Plan [s. 24]


HAZARD RATING FOR YOUR FACILITY: Moderate (16-29) Total Score = 19

Critical Hazards: Total Number: 3
205 - Cold potentially hazardous food stored/displayed above 4 °C. [s. 14(2)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Potentially hazardous foods stored on ice in metal bins. Ice must have water mixed in to allow the ice water to surround the bins fully and chill the food from all sides, not just the bottom. Corrected during the inspection. Prep lids must be closed whenever not in-use to prevent cold air escape from coolers. Food bins in tops of prep coolers should be only filled as much as can be used in a 2 hour time period.
Corrective Action(s):
Violation Score: 5

206 - Hot potentially hazardous food stored/displayed below 60 °C. [s. 14(2)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Burrito hot-holding unit holding potentially hazardous food at 51C (pulled chicken probed with thermometer). Potentially hazardous foods must be cooked to 74C then placed in a pre-heated unit at 60C to prevent growth of foodborne pathogens. Staff member reheated the foods at the time of inspection. Temperature of hot-holding unit came up to 60C.
Corrective Action(s):
Violation Score: 5

401 - Adequate handwashing stations not available for employees [s. 21(4)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Two handwashing stations in bottom kitchen were blocked at the time of inspection (dirty equipment placed inside). Handsinks must be available for handwashing at ALL times. Handwashing sinks are not to be used to rinse/clean equipment.
Corrective Action(s):
Violation Score: 5

Non-Critical Hazards: Total Number: 2
307 - Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces are not of suitable design/material [s. 16; s. 19]
Observation: Storage pantry in the upstairs closet is made of raw wood. All surfaces must be smooth, durable and easily cleanable. Therefore the shelving unit must be painted to allow for cleaning as raw wood will absorb moisture. As well, items were observed on the floor in this closet underneath the shelf. All items must be stored at least 6" off the ground. Remove any items not needed for food production to allow for cleaning.
**Correct by: TWO MONTHS = May 13, 2019**
Corrective Action(s):
Violation Score: 3

314 - Operator has not provided acceptable written sanitation procedures [s. 24]
Observation: Staff are not recording cooler/freezer temperatures daily. Coolers must be operating at less than or equal to 4 degrees Celsius. Corrective action must occur if temperature is above 4 degrees Celsius (i.e. greater than 2 hours = serve/cook immediately or discard and call repair technician). Freezers must operate at less than or equal to -18 degrees Celsius.
**Correct by: IMMEDIATELY**
Corrective Action(s):
Violation Score: 1

Follow Up to "Critical" Violations Noted on Previous Inspections (if applicable): No corrections entered


General Comments
No signs of pests observed
General sanitation is adequate
Logs maintained for hot-holding temperatures and dishwasher chlorine concentration (glasswasher too??)
Low-temperature dishwasher achieved 100 ppm chlorine at the plate level upon final rinse cycle. Test strips available.
Glasswasher achieved > 12.5 ppm iodine at the glass level upon final rinse cycle
All coolers operating at </=4C; freezers at </= -18C
Permit posted with valid decal
Foods stored 6" off the ground, covered and labelled to protect from contamination
Ice machine free of mould/rust. Ice scoop stored outside of ice.
In-use utensils stored in ice-water mix
Sanitizer in spray bottles measured 200 ppm quats
*ATTENTION: One sanitizer spray bottle had almost straight bleach inside. Staff use this for cleaning cutting boards. Concentration is TOO high and can cause chemical contamination. Sanitizer is meant to be used without rinsing after. Reduced the concentration to 100 ppm (1/2 teaspoon bleach in 1 L of water). Please re-label this bottle to say "BLEACH" as it currently has a different label on it.
Handwashing stations stocked with hot and cold running water, liquid soap and paper towel

**A follow-up inspection will occur on March 20, 2019. Any questions please e-mail**