Health Protection

Frog & Nightgown Pub
Tel: (604) 464-1949
Fax: (604) 464-1363
1125 Falcon Dr
Coquitlam, BC V3E 2G2
February 24, 2020
1.5 hours
OPERATOR (Person in Charge)
Jim Egerton
February 26, 2020
Information Provided
Require Corrections


In Use

Food Safety Training [s. 10]


Food Safety Plan [s. 23]



Sanitation Plan [s. 24]


HAZARD RATING FOR YOUR FACILITY: Moderate (16-29) Total Score = 23

Critical Hazards: Total Number: 2
203 - Food not cooled in an acceptable manner [s. 12(a)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Large tray of turkey stored on the bottom rack beside the prep cooler and measured 15.9C. Storing large amounts of food at room temperature does not promote rapid cooling. Foods must be cooled from 60C to 20C within 2 hours and 20C to 40C within 4 hours. Ice bath, ice wands, and portioning food into multiple smaller portions are methods to facilitate rapid cooling.
Corrective Action(s): Discard tray of turkey. Follow proper cooling methods. Date to be corrected: immediately
Violation Score: 5

301 - Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces not maintained in sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): 1) Wiping cloth not stored in sanitizer buckets
2) Second shelf of walk in cooler has food debris, which has mold growing on it(white fuzzy material)
3) Ice machine top compartment has mold buildup
Corrective Action(s): 1) Store wiping cloths in quat sanitizer buckets. Corrected
2) Clean shelf inside walk in cooler. Corrected
3) Dump ice from ice machine and clean and sanitize the inside. Do not use until re-inspection.
Maintain sanitation levels of all food contact surfaces and equipment
Date to be corrected: immediately
Violation Score: 5

Non-Critical Hazards: Total Number: 5
304 - Premises not free of pests [s. 26(a)]
Observation: Minor mouse droppings in back prep area. Contact pest control provider for recommendations to remain pest free environment
Corrective Action(s): Clean up and sanitize all areas affected by mouse droppings. Date to be corrected: today
Violation Score: 3

305 - Conditions observed that may allow entrance/harbouring/breeding of pests [s. 26(b),(c)]
Observation: Hole in the corner of the wall underneath the table beside the swing door.
Corrective Action(s): Seal hole in the corner. Premises must be pest proof. Contact pest control provider for recommendations regarding structural exclusions. Date to be corrected: today
Violation Score: 3

306 - Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation: Grease buildup underneath fryer in the kitchen.
Corrective Action(s): Clean up the floors underneath the grill line to eliminate the grease buildup. Date to be corrected: today
Violation Score: 3

309 - Chemicals, cleansers, & similar agents stored or labeled improperly [s. 27]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): 1)Spray bottle of wd-40 stored on back stainless steel table in the back. No food here at time of inspection. Chemicals and other similar products must be stored in a separate area away from food prep and food products.
2) Black bait station device in back prep area.
Corrective Action(s): 1) Move chemicals products into secure locations away from food and food contact surfaces. Re-clean surfaces if food preparation is to occur on this table.
2) Remove bait station in back prep area.
Date to be corrected: immediately
Violation Score: 3

502 - In operator’s absence, no staff on duty has FOODSAFE Level 1 or equivalent [s. 10(2)]
Observation: Foodsafe certificates could not be provided by staff on site. A valid food safe certificate must be provided at all times of operation. At least 1 staff member must possess a valid food safe level 1 certificate each shift.
Corrective Action(s): Provide valid food safe level 1 certificate. If it cannot be provided, then employees must register for a valid food safe level 1 course. Date to be corrected: today
Violation Score: 1

Follow Up to "Critical" Violations Noted on Previous Inspections (if applicable): No corrections entered


-Routine Inspection
-Handwashing stations contain hot water, liquid soap, and paper towel
-Coolers measured 4C or less: walk in, 2 prep cooler, sliding door, bar cooler
-Freezers measured -18C or less: walk in freezer and chest freezer
-Dishwasher measured 100ppm chlorine
-Glasswasher measured 12.5ppm iodine. Ensure test strips are available.
-Hot holding units above 60C
-Quat spray bottles measured 200ppm
-Foods stored 6 inches above the floor and are covered