Health Protection

Chuanxi Plain Hotpot Inc.
105 - 6462 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5E 1C5
July 19, 2016
1.5 hours
OPERATOR (Person in Charge)
Peng Huang
1 Month
Information Provided
Require Corrections


In Use

Food Safety Training [s. 10]


Food Safety Plan [s. 23]



Sanitation Plan [s. 24]


HAZARD RATING FOR YOUR FACILITY: Moderate (16-29) Total Score = 27

Critical Hazards: Total Number: 3
203 - Food not cooled in an acceptable manner [s. 12(a)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Warm sauces are being left out a room temp to cool for an hour then put into the left cooler until it cools to 4 C. Sauce in large pot cooling at room temp probed at 60 C.
Corrective Action(s): Ensure all warm/hot foods are cooled rapidly:
1. Ice bath
2. Ice/cooling wand
3. Shallow small pans/containers

Food must be rapidly cooled as follows or faster:
>60 C to 20 C in 2 hours
20 C to <4 C in 4 hours
total : 6 hours

After 6 hours if the food is still above 4 C then it must be discarded.
Violation Score: 5

301 - Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces not maintained in sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Knives, peelers and holders put away with dried food debris on it.
Corrective Action(s): Ensure all utensils are properly cleaned and sanitized after use and put away clean in a sanitary manner.
Violation Score: 5

302 - Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces not properly washed and sanitized [s. 17(2)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): No sanitizer noted in kitchen during operation.
Bleach solution bucket at bar noted 0 ppm chlorine and cloudy/dirty.
Corrective Action(s): Ensure sanitizer is available in all locations where food is stored, prepared or served. 2 sanitizer bottle noted at 200 ppm QUATS located in dining room. One was moved into kitchen.
Bleach solution was dumped out and new solution made: 200 ppm chlorine noted. Ensure solution is made up each morning and replenished after lunch/ before dinner.
Violation Score: 5

Non-Critical Hazards: Total Number: 2
209 - Food not protected from contamination [s. 12(a)]
Observation: 1.Raw bloody meats marinating in cooler stored in open containers above veggies, tofu and other open containers of food.
2. Two pots of cooling sauces left directly on the floor.
3. Condiments for soups and broths stored on open table - self serve. No protective cover or sneeze guard available
Corrective Action(s): Ensure all food is protected from contamination.
1.Store raw uncooked meats below or separate from veggies and other ready to eat foods. Reorganize the food in the coolers.
2.Keep all food at least 6 inch off the ground at all times. Do not store food or containers holding food directly on the ground.
Correction date: immediately
3.A sneeze guard must be installed to protect food. Until sneeze guard is available all food must be covered.
Correction date: 1 month
Violation Score: 9

306 - Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation: 1.Commerical hood fan is dripping with greasy. Sticker on side noted March 2016 for next service.
2.Black mildew growing inside upper ice machine.
Corrective Action(s): Ensure premises are maintained in sanitary condition.
1. Clean removable grease panels regularly. Currently operator says once a month - increase to every 2 weeks. Professional cleaners are scheduled to clean hood fan July 24, 2016.
2. Increase clean and sanitizing of inside ice machine to prevent mildew growth.
Correction date: 1 day
Violation Score: 3

Follow Up to "Critical" Violations Noted on Previous Inspections (if applicable): No corrections entered


-All hand sinks maintained and supplied with hot & cold water, liquid soap and paper towel
1. Cooler 1: 4 C
2. Cooler 2: 3 C
3. Cooler 3: 4 C
4. Prep cooler: 4 C (moved to main dining area - self serve) ***Add additional inserts to fill empty spaces
5. chest freezer: -18 C
6. Standing chest freezer: -18 C
7. Rice cooker: 64 C
8. Soup : 75 C ( Ensure soup heating element remains on to maintain >= 60 C)

-Reviewed serving and use of leftovers of raw meats - all are discarded after served, no leftovers are kept
-Meat slicer is cleaned and sanitized after each use and at the end of the night

-Quats sanitizer bottles labeled and noted at 200 ppm
-Quats dispenser noted 200 ppm QUATS
-Low temp dishwasher: 50-100 ppm chlorine.
-No signs of pest activity noted - pest control provided by Lower Mainland Pest Control
- General sanitation satisfactory