Maple Ridge Seniors Village - Complaint Information
General Details
Facility TypeAdult Residential Care - 100
Investigation CompletedApril 07, 2020
Reason for Investigation - Policies and procedures
- Care and supervision
- Records and reporting
Report of Findings
Licensing received a complaint on March 3, 2020, regarding care and supervision and staffing. The following details were provided:
- PIC's care representatives were not provided prior notification to attend care conferences
- PIC's care needs are not being met
- Staffing is not sufficient in numbers or appropriate staffing pattern to meet persons in care needs

All areas of the complaint were fully investigated. Evidence was collected from facility records and interviews. Licensing determined the following contravention:
- Residential Care Regulation (RCR) Section 85 (1)(d) - Ensure policies are implemented by employees.
- RCR Section 42 (1)(b) - Ensure that at all times, staff are sufficient in numbers and organized in an appropriate staffing pattern to assist persons in care with the activities of daily living.
Substantiated Contraventions: Evidence for this summary report is based on a combination of the Licensing Officer’s observations, a review of facility records and information provided by the facility staff at the time of the investigation.
Observed Violations/Contraventions: A summary of the violations found during the complaint investigation are listed below.
Code Category/Description
32180 - RCR s.42(1)(b)A licensee must ensure that, at all times, the employees on duty are sufficient in numbers, training and experience, and organized in an appropriate staffing pattern, to (b) assist persons in care with the activities of daily living, including eating, moving about, dressing and grooming, bathing and other forms of personal hygiene, in a manner consistent with the health, safety and dignity of persons in care.
Observation: It was identified that persons in care were not receiving their weekly baths due to staff shortages.
Corrective action: Corrective action required.
33280 - RCR s.85(1)(d)A licensee must do all of the following: (d) ensure that policies are implemented by employees.
Observation: Licensing confirmed that a PIC's family was not notified of care conferences as per the facility policy.
Corrective action: Corrective action required.
Actions Required by Licensee/Operator
- Corrective action plan to be developed and submitted.
Action Required by Licensing Officer or Medical Health Officer
- Review and monitor corrective action plan > Follow up inspection required.
Status Update
No further action required. All contraventions have been addressed.
Updated on June 02, 2020.