Health Protection

Kamal Sweets & Tandoori Hut
Tel: (604) 598-1238
104 - 6977 128th St
Surrey, BC V3W 4E1
March 13, 2019
1.25 hours
OPERATOR (Person in Charge)
Kamaljit Janda
March 27, 2019
Information Provided
Require Corrections


In Use

Food Safety Training [s. 10]


Food Safety Plan [s. 23]



Sanitation Plan [s. 24]


HAZARD RATING FOR YOUR FACILITY: Moderate (16-29) Total Score = 24

Critical Hazards: Total Number: 1
203 - Food not cooled in an acceptable manner [s. 12(a)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): Two vats of sauce cooked this morning at 9 A.M. (4 hours ago) were still at 30C internally.
Corrective Action(s): Sauce discarded at time of inspection. If you use ice wands, you must continually stir the product and ensure that you maintain a cooling log. All potentially hazardous foods must be cooled from 60C to 20C in 2 hours, and from 20C to 4C in 4 hours.
Violation Score: 15

Non-Critical Hazards: Total Number: 3
209 - Food not protected from contamination [s. 12(a)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): 1. Bag of flour, already opened, stored outside with a scoop inside.
2. Multiple items in walk-in cooler (trays of potatoes), as well as some sauces inside the prep cooler, were left uncovered during the inspection.
Corrective Action(s): 1. Scoop removed from the bag of flour. Bag of flour placed in a container. Please ensure that all opened bags of flour are in sealed containers to protect them from contamination.
2. Potatoes and sauces were covered at time of inspection. Ensure that all items are covered when not in use to protect them from contamination.
Violation Score: 3

306 - Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation: Following areas require further attention:
- Ventilation canopy has accumulated grime
- Area underneath cook line near the front door has accumulated some debris and spilt oil
- Area underneath where cleaned and sanitized trays are stored has accumulated some food debris. Also, the wood panelling above the grease trap is starting to fall apart
Corrective Action(s): 1. Remove ventilation slats and degrease.
2. Thoroughly remove debris and oil underneath and behind the cook line, as well as underneath the cleaned and sanitized trays
3. Replace wood paneling with a material that is clean and impervious to moisture.

Date to be corrected by: March 27, 2019
Violation Score: 3

311 - Premises not maintained as per approved plans [s. 6(1)(b)]
Observation: Light cover above end of dishpit has fallen off.
Corrective Action(s): Replace the light cover.

Date to be corrected by: March 27, 2019
Violation Score: 3

Follow Up to "Critical" Violations Noted on Previous Inspections (if applicable): No corrections entered


Routine inspection conducted. The following was observed:
1. Temperatures
- Walk-in cooler at 3C
- Prep cooler at 2C
- Sweets cooler at 3C
- Beverage cooler at 6C (only for carbonated beverages)
- Chest freezer at -16C (front of house)
- Chest freezer at -18C (in the kitchen)
- Temperature logs were written on a piece of paper today, but operator could not produce any logs from any other day. Find the logs and keep all records in an organized place!

2. Hygiene and Sanitizing
- Bleach sanitizing pails present inside the kitchen at 200 ppm chlorine residual
- Hand wash stations adequately stocked with hot/cold running water, liquid soap, and single-use paper towels
- Dough mixer was just used at the beginning of the inspection - EHO requested that it be cleaned and sanitized at time of inspection

3. Storage
- Chemicals stored separately from food products

4. Pests
- No recent, visible signs of pest activity observed at time of inspection
- Professional pest control company does routine checks every month. Last check was on February 8th, 2019 and revealed no signs of rodent activity. "Hole" was patched up, although there was no reference to where the hole was located
- Mechanical traps were not adequately reset (there is no adhesive and the inside is lined with oil and debris). It is recommended that you discuss this separately with your professional pest control company

5. Administrative
- Operator has FoodSafe 1 (Expiry: February 6, 2024)
- Permit to operate posted

A follow-up inspection will be conducted to ensure that the following is done: 1) a deep clean of the premise is conducted as per instructions above, 2) proper cooling practices are adhered to.