Health Protection

Gala Cafe
Tel: (778) 246 1199
12 - 4429 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 2A1
June 5, 2017
2 hours
OPERATOR (Person in Charge)
Yue Shen
June 20, 2017
Information Provided
Require Corrections


In Use

Food Safety Training [s. 10]


Food Safety Plan [s. 23]



Sanitation Plan [s. 24]


HAZARD RATING FOR YOUR FACILITY: High (≥30) Total Score = 83

Critical Hazards: Total Number: 3
205 - Cold potentially hazardous food stored/displayed above 4 °C. [s. 14(2)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): 1. Prep. cooler in kitchen is measured to be 4.9oC
2. Cooler at front is measured to be 8.2oC
Corrective Action(s): Do not store any potentially hazardous foods in coolers until temperature of coolers is 4oC or less. Operator has moved all potentially hazardous foods to another cooler.

Correct infraction by Friday.
Violation Score: 15

303 - Equipment/facilities/hot & cold water for sanitary maintenance not adequate [s. 17(3); s. 4(1)(f)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): In the beginning of the inspection, no hot water noted from tap (max. 29.1oC noted). When owner came back he indicated that he turned off hot water every night; however, staff started preparing food and was without hot water for at least one hour.
Owner turned on hot water after arriving and hot water from tap now noted at 59oC
Corrective Action(s): DO NOT EVER turn off hot water at night. Hot water must be available in premises AT ALL TIMES.
Violation Score: 25

401 - Adequate handwashing stations not available for employees [s. 21(4)]
Observation (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION): 1. A glass observed in handwashing sink at front.
Corrective Action(s): Handwashing station is meant for handwashing only and operator must be stored anything in sink.
Violation Score: 5

Non-Critical Hazards: Total Number: 6
104 - Permit not posted in a conspicuous location [s. 8(7)]
Observation: Health permit is not posted
Corrective Action(s): Ensure health permit is posted in a conspicuous location
Violation Score: 1

209 - Food not protected from contamination [s. 12(a)]
Observation: 1. Food containers in 3-door cooler not covered
2. One set of lighting in kitchen without protection
Corrective Action(s): 1. Ensure all foods are covered to protect from contamination
Correct by today
2. Ensure light cover or light tubing is used
Correct in a week
Violation Score: 3

211 - Frozen potentially hazardous food stored/displayed above -18 °C. [s. 14(3)]
Observation: Coldstream 2-door cooler is measured to be -5oC
Corrective Action(s): Ensure foods are maintained at -18oC or less
Violation Score: 1

304 - Premises not free of pests [s. 26(a)]
Observation: Mice droppings noted throughout kitchen in premises (dry storage area, behind storage bins, by back door, underneath coolers, etc). Pest control comes in once every 2 months. Spoke with pest control technician on phone, mouse caught every visit.
Corrective Action(s): 1. Remove droppings, sanitize areas, and monitor.
2. Increase pest control to at least once a month, if not more, until problem is controlled.

Correct infraction by Friday
Violation Score: 9

306 - Food premises not maintained in a sanitary condition [s. 17(1)]
Observation: Entire kitchen required cleaning. Grease dripping down ventilation exhaust hood; grease caked on wall behind cooking line; droppings behind storage bins noted. This is the reason why mice keep coming back.
Corrective Action(s): The following areas require extra attention:
-->cooking equipment (grill, stove, deep fryer, etc)
-->wall behind cooking line
-->Ventilation exhuast system (due January 2017)
-->floor under cooking line
-->dry storage (where tomato paste is stored)
-->all storage containers
-->floor behind wheeled storage bins
-->area underneath 3-door cooler
-->area underneath Frigidaire freezer

Correct infraction in 1 week.
Violation Score: 15

308 - Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces are not in good working order [s. 16(b)]
Observation: 1. Prep cooler in kitchen and cooler at front not able to maintain temperature of 4oC or less. 2 out of 3 coolers not working.
2. Coldstream 2-door freezer is measured to be -5oC.
Corrective Action(s): 1. Adjust or fix coolers so that temperatures are maintained at 4oC or less.
2. Adjust or fix freezer so that temperature is maintained at -18oC or less.

Violation Score: 9

Follow Up to "Critical" Violations Noted on Previous Inspections (if applicable): No corrections entered


3-door cooler: 3.1oC
Frigidaire freezer: -19oC
Chest freezer: -18oC
Hot holding soup: 66oC
Liquid handsoap and paper towel present at handsinks
Dishwasher final rinse reaches at least 71oC on plate; as per thermolabel
Towels in bleach sanitizers noted; at least 100ppm chlorine noted in sanitizer buckets