Fairfax County Food Establishments

Percentage of full service and fast food restaurants that are non-smoking: 99%

Percentage of full service restaurants that are non-smoking: 97%

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*List All Full Service and Fast Food Restaurants with smoking status (sorted by smoking status)
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Name    Facility Location   Last Inspection
Golden King Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 12304 Towncenter Plaza 269  10-Dec-2014
Gom Ba Woo Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7133-C Columbia Pike  14-Nov-2014
Gom Tang E  Non-Smoking Facility 13840-E Braddock Rd  19-Nov-2014
Good Beginnings School  11501 Sunrise Valley Dr  4-Nov-2014
Good Grubbin  43516 Greenwich Square  20-Jan-2015
Good News Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 1800 Alexander Bell Dr  5-Nov-2014
Good To Go  8008 Westpark Drive  27-May-2014
Goodfortune Supermarket  5111 Westfields Blvd
Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads  3440 Jefferson St S  26-Nov-2014
Goody Corner Deli  6501 Loisdale Court  5-Aug-2014
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7861-L Tysons Corner Center  24-Sep-2014
Gourmet Basket  Non-Smoking Facility 6829 Tennyson Drive  12-Jan-2015
Gourmet Delight  8110 Porter Ridge Lane Suite# 11
Grace's Deli  6564 Loisdale Court  23-Oct-2014
Grace's Pastries  Non-Smoking Facility 370 Elden Street  27-Aug-2014
Graham Road Child Care Center  2929 Graham Rd  28-Oct-2014
Graham Road Elementary School  2831 Graham Road  10-Oct-2014
Granada Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 368 Elden St  4-Feb-2015
Granja De Oro #2  Non-Smoking Facility 2920 Annandale Rd  26-Nov-2014
Grapes Lounge  3811-E S George Mason Drive  21-May-2014
Grasshopper Green School  4955 Sunset Lane  20-Feb-2014
Great American Steak & Buffet Co  Non-Smoking Facility 5902 Richmond Hwy  13-Jan-2015
Great American Steak & Buffet, The  Non-Smoking Facility 3500 South Jefferson St  2-Oct-2014
Great China  Non-Smoking Facility 1484 North Point Village Ce  17-Nov-2014
Great Day Learning Center  11155 North Shore Drive  20-Oct-2014
Great Falls Assisted Living  1121 Reston Avenue  10-Nov-2014
Great Falls Elementary School  701 Walker Rd  13-Feb-2015
Great Falls Gourmet Caterers  313 Spring St  20-Oct-2014
Great Falls Village Green Day School  790 Walker Rd  22-Jan-2015
Great Harvest Bread Co  Non-Smoking Facility 9000-S Lorton Station  15-Sep-2014
Great Harvest Bread Co.  Non-Smoking Facility 6030-G Burke Commons Road  13-Feb-2015
Great Wall  Non-Smoking Facility 2982 Gallows Road  21-Nov-2014
Great Wall  Non-Smoking Facility 6575 Frontier Drive #L  5-Feb-2015
Great Wall Billiards  7064 Spring Garden Dr  26-Jan-2015
Great Wraps  Non-Smoking Facility 7860-E Tysons Corner Center  5-Dec-2014
Greater Springfield Volunteer Fire Dept  Non-Smoking Facility 7011 Backlick Rd  26-Jan-2015
Greek Taverna, The  Non-Smoking Facility 6828 C Old Dominion Dr  19-Dec-2014
Green Lizard Cycling  Non-Smoking Facility 718 Lynn Street  17-Jul-2014
Green Olive Buffet & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7405 Richmond Highway  13-Feb-2015
Green Parrot  4215 Walney Road Suite# 2
Green Spring Gardens Manor House (FCPA)  Non-Smoking Facility 4603 Green Spring Rd  8-Apr-2014
Greenberry's Coffee and Tea  Non-Smoking Facility 6839 Redmond Drive  12-Aug-2014
Greenbriar East Elementary School  13006 Point Pleasant Dr  12-Feb-2015
Greenbriar Pool Club  Non-Smoking Facility 13001 Point Pleasant Dr  23-Jun-2014
Greenbriar West Elementary School  13300 Poplar Tree Rd  13-Feb-2015
Greendale Golf Course  Non-Smoking Facility 6700 Telegraph Rd  28-Aug-2014
Greene Turtle  Non-Smoking Facility 3950 University Drive Suite 209  12-Dec-2014
Greenhouse Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 2222 Gallows Rd #120  29-Sep-2014
Greensboro Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8281 Greensboro Dr  4-Dec-2014
Greensboro Corporate Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8405 Greensboro Dr  23-Dec-2014
Greenspring Village Community Center  7440 Spring Village Dr  19-Feb-2014
Greenspring Village Square  7410 Spring Village Dr  19-Feb-2014
Greenspring Village (Rennaisance Garden)  7470 Spring Village Dr  19-Feb-2014
Gregorios Trattoria  Non-Smoking Facility 1428 North Point Village Ctr  10-Dec-2014
Grevey's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8130 Arlington Boulevard  20-Nov-2014
Grill Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 905-F Herndon Pkwy  10-Feb-2015
Grill Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 7854-E Tysons Corner Center  8-Jul-2014
Grill Kabob Xpress  Non-Smoking Facility 11213-J Lee Highway  2-Dec-2014
Grounded Coffee Shop  Non-Smoking Facility 6919 Telegraph Road  13-May-2014
Groveton Elementary School  6900 Harrison Lane  14-Oct-2014
Groveton Senior Center  8350 Richmond Hwy  20-Feb-2015
Guapo's of Manassas  13050 Fair Lakes Shopping Center
Guapo's Rotisserie Of Herndon  Non-Smoking Facility 1042 Elden Street  16-Jan-2015
Guapos of Fairlakes  Non-Smoking Facility 13050 Fairlakes Shopping Center  12-Dec-2014
Guest Services Employee Kitchen Cafeteria # 2009  Non-Smoking Facility 3055 Prosperity Avenue  26-Aug-2014
Gum Springs Community Center  Non-Smoking Facility 8100 Fordson Rd  3-Feb-2015
Gum Springs Glen  7839 Richmond Hwy  2-Dec-2014
Gum Springs Head Start Center  8100 Fordson Rd  3-Feb-2015
Gunston Deli & Store  Non-Smoking Facility 7025 Newington Rd  6-Oct-2014
Gunston Elementary School  10100 Gunston Rd  13-Feb-2015
Gunston Wok  Non-Smoking Facility 8214 Gunston Corner Lane  18-Aug-2014
Gypsy Soul  Non-Smoking Facility 8296 Glass Alley Suite 110  9-Sep-2014
Gyro Factory  Non-Smoking Facility 8222 Gunston Corner Lane  21-Jan-2015
H Mart Food Court  Non-Smoking Facility 13818 Braddock Rd  28-Oct-2014
H Pho Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 9546 Old Keene Mill Rd  21-Nov-2014
Halal Kabab House  Non-Smoking Facility 6245 Little River Turnpike  7-Jul-2014
Hama Sushi Japanese Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 2415 Centreville Rd #B2  13-Jan-2014
Hampton Inn  5821 Richmond Hwy  13-Jan-2015
Hampton Inn  6550 Loisdale Ct  13-Jan-2015
Hampton Inn Dulles South  4050 Westfax Dr  8-Oct-2014
Hampton Inn Hotel  4800 Leesburg Pike  15-Dec-2014
Hampton Inn & Suites  8843 Richmond Hwy  14-Oct-2014
Hampton Inn/ Jai Hern Hotel  Non-Smoking Facility 435 Herndon Pkwy  10-Feb-2015
Han Ah Reum International Market  Non-Smoking Facility 8103 Lee Highway  2-Feb-2015
Han Gang  Non-Smoking Facility 7243 Little River Turnpike  10-Dec-2014
Happi Billiards and Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7127C Little River Turnpike  7-Aug-2014
Happy Hearts Children Center  2730 Centreville Road  16-Jan-2015
Happy Hours Day Care  325 Nutley St Nw  9-Apr-2014
Hard Times Cafe Santa Fe Cue Club  6362 Springfield Plz  24-Oct-2014
Hardy's BBQ  12408 Round Tree Lane  30-Dec-2013
Harris Teeter #253  3905 Fair Ridge Dr  5-Sep-2014
Harris Teeter #302  8200 Crestwood Heights Dr  17-Dec-2014
Harris Teeter #81  11806 Spectrum Center  15-Oct-2014
Harvest Moon  Non-Smoking Facility 7260 Arlington Blvd  4-Feb-2015
Haycock Elementary School  6616 Haycock Rd  30-Sep-2014
Hayfield Elementary School  7633 Telegraph Rd  16-Oct-2014
Hayfield Secondary School  7630 Telegraph Rd  29-Oct-2014
HCR Manor Care Health Services  12475 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  7-Nov-2014
Heatherwood Retirement Community  9642 Burke Lake Rd  22-Jan-2015
Hee Been  Non-Smoking Facility 6231 Little River Turnpike  24-Jan-2014
Helga's Caterers  6710 Old Dominion Dr  9-Dec-2014
Hen House  7020 Ordway Road
Heritage Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7611 Little River Turnpike 103  30-Jan-2015
Herndon Children's Center  530 Huntmar Park Dr 800B  19-Aug-2014
Herndon Elementary School  630 Dranesville Rd  22-Sep-2014
Herndon Harbor Adult Day Health Center  875 Grace St  28-Jan-2015
Herndon Harbor House  873 Grace Street
Herndon High School  700 Bennett St  26-Sep-2014
Herndon Intermediate School  901 Locust St  24-Sep-2014
Herndon Moose Lodge  779 Center St  5-Feb-2015
Herndon Qdoba  Non-Smoking Facility 13031 Worldgate Dr  10-Feb-2015
Hess Express  Non-Smoking Facility 7100 Little River Turnpike  13-Mar-2014
Hibachi Buffet and Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 13948 Metrotech Drive  4-Dec-2014
Hibiscus Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 11790-A Baron Cameron Avenue  10-Feb-2015
Hidden Creek Country Club - Bar & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 1711 Clubhouse Rd  30-Oct-2014
Hidden Creek Country Club - Potomac Room  Non-Smoking Facility 1711 Clubhouse Rd  7-Nov-2014
Hidden Creek Country Club -Banquet Room  Non-Smoking Facility 1711 Clubhouse Rd  7-Nov-2014
Higher Horizon's Day Care Center  6201 Leesburg Pike 5  30-Jun-2014
Higher Horizons Day Care Center  5920-B Summers Lane  24-Mar-2014
Highland Park Pool Snack Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 6400 Highland Dr  19-Jun-2014
Highlands Swim Club  Non-Smoking Facility 1515 Bryan Branch Rd  14-Jul-2014
Hilton Garden Inn  Non-Smoking Facility 3950 Fair Ridge Dr  7-Nov-2014
Hilton Garden Inn- Tysons Corner Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8301 Boone Boulevard  27-Oct-2014
Hilton Mclean Tysons Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 7920 Jones Branch Dr  10-Dec-2014
Hokkaido Seafood Buffet  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Leesburg Pike  19-Nov-2014
Holiday Inn Express  485 Elden St  24-Feb-2015
Holiday Inn Express  6401 Brandon Ave  27-Oct-2014
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites  6055 Richmond Hwy  2-Sep-2014
Hollin Hall Pastry Shop  7920 Fort Hunt Rd  16-Dec-2014
Hollin Hall Senior Center  1500 Shennandoah Rd  2-Dec-2014
Hollin Meadows Elementary School  2310 Nordok Pl  12-Nov-2014
Holmes Intermediate School  6525 Montrose St  15-Oct-2014
Holy Spirit School  8800 Braddock Rd  11-Apr-2014
Homewood Suites Dulles  13460 Sunrise Valley Dr  15-Dec-2014
Homewood Suites Hotel - Alexandria  4850 Leesburg Pike  30-Dec-2014
Homewood Suites Hotel - Merrifield  8130 Porter Road  28-Jan-2014
Homewood Suites Springfield  7010 Old Keene Mill Road  20-Nov-2014
Honey Baked Ham  Non-Smoking Facility 1480 North Pointe Village Center  15-Jan-2015
Honey Baked Ham  6200 Franconia Rd  23-Feb-2015
Hong Anh Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6306 Springfield Plz  22-Jan-2015
Hong Kong Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 9441 Lorton Market Street  23-Jul-2014
Hong Kong Express  Non-Smoking Facility 6343 Columbia Pike  3-Feb-2015
Hong Kong Express  Non-Smoking Facility 6030-I Burke Commons Rd  6-Feb-2015
Hong Kong Express of Springfield VA  Non-Smoking Facility 5250-F Port Royal Rd  21-Nov-2014
Hong Kong Kitchen  2913-B Arlington Dr  11-Jul-2014
Hong Kong Palace Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6387 Seven Corners Center  13-Jan-2015
Hong Kong Pearl Seafood Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6286 Arlington Boulevard  29-Dec-2014
Hood Hibachi  Non-Smoking Facility 12158 Fairfax Towne Center  31-Oct-2014
Hooters of Chantilly  14441 Brookfield Tower Drive  20-Jan-2015
Hope Montessori School  4614 Ravensworth Road  26-Feb-2014
Hopkins House  Non-Smoking Facility 200 Fairbrook Drive 103  16-Dec-2014
Hopkins House  8543 Forest Place  17-Jun-2014
Hopsfrog Grille  Non-Smoking Facility 5765-C Burke Centre Pkwy  21-Jan-2015
Horizon Child Development Center  1710 Clubhouse Rd  30-Oct-2014
Horizon Early Learning Center  4600 Holly Avenue  9-Oct-2014
Hot Breads  Non-Smoking Facility 390 Elden Street  30-Jul-2014
Hot Breads  Non-Smoking Facility 14027 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway  4-Nov-2014
Hot Meals on Wheels  4127 Fountainside Ln #202  10-Jan-2014
Hot Spot Hot Pot  Non-Smoking Facility 3232 Old Pickett Road  12-Aug-2014
Hot & Cold Deli Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7032A Commerce Street  27-Oct-2014
Houlihan's  Non-Smoking Facility 2200 Centreville Rd  18-Feb-2015
Houlihan's Springfield at Hilton Hotel  Non-Smoking Facility 6550 Loisdale Rd  15-Jan-2015
House of Dynasty  Non-Smoking Facility 7550 Telegraph Rd  14-Nov-2014
House of Fortune  Non-Smoking Facility 6715 Lowell Ave  26-Sep-2014
House of Macarons, The  3158G Spring Street  19-Dec-2014
House of Mandarin  2303-B Soapstone Dr  25-Mar-2014
House of Philly  Non-Smoking Facility 7810 Lee Hwy #G  29-Oct-2014
Hunan Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 5641 Stone Road  12-Feb-2015
Hunan Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1246 Elden St  5-Feb-2015
Hunan Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2254-D Hunters Woods Plaza  8-Dec-2014
Hunan Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 4096 Majestic Lane
Hunan Chef  Non-Smoking Facility 7175 Lee Highway  30-Jan-2015
Hunan Chinese Gourmet  Non-Smoking Facility 11725-L Fair Oaks Mall  3-Dec-2014
Hunan Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 7200V Telegraph Square Dr  7-Aug-2014
Hunan Delight  Non-Smoking Facility 276 Cedar Lane Se  3-Nov-2014
Hunan East Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 2533 John Milton Dr  15-Jan-2014
Hunan Express  6681-D Backlick Road  30-Jan-2015
Hunan Heritage  Non-Smoking Facility 7869 Heritage Drive  22-Jan-2015
Hunan Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 6550-D Little River Tpke  6-Feb-2014
Hunan Lorton  Non-Smoking Facility 8961 Ox Road 130  1-Oct-2014
Hunan Manor Carryout  1305 Shenandoah Rd  23-Jul-2014
Hunan Manor II  Non-Smoking Facility 8081-D Alban Road  20-Aug-2014
Hunan Taste Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8088 Rolling Rd  19-Dec-2014
Hunan Taste Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 10160 Fairfax Blvd 102  5-Dec-2014
Hunan Tasty  Non-Smoking Facility 2912 A Chain Bridge Road  8-Dec-2014
Hunan West  Non-Smoking Facility 8938 Burke Lake Rd  12-Aug-2014
Hunt Valley Elementary School  7101 Sydenstricker Rd  11-Feb-2015
Hunter Mill Country Day School  2021 Hunter Mill Rd  9-Sep-2014
Hunter Mill Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 14215-U Centreville Square  5-Aug-2014
Hunters Woods Elementary School  2401 Colts Neck Rd  26-Sep-2014
Hutchison Elementary School  13209 Parcher Ave  21-Jan-2015
Hwang Boo Ja  Non-Smoking Facility 13830 Lee Hwy #11  26-Sep-2014
Hyatt Dulles  Non-Smoking Facility 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd  27-Jan-2015
Hyatt Fair Lakes  12777 Fair Lakes Cir  19-Nov-2014
Hyatt House Falls Church  Non-Smoking Facility 8296 Glass Alley  17-Jul-2014
Hyatt Place Dulles Airport  Non-Smoking Facility 13711 Sayward Bv  12-Dec-2014
Hyatt Place Dulles South  4994 Westone Plaza  18-Aug-2014
Hyatt Regency Main Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 1800 Presidents St  5-Aug-2014
Hyatt Summerfield Suites  Non-Smoking Facility 467 Herndon Parkway  18-Dec-2014
Hybla Valley Elementary School  3415 Lockheed Blvd  13-Feb-2015
Hyderabadi Biryani Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 2415 Centreville Road B3  15-Aug-2014
I-Thai Restaurant & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 8607 Westwood Center Drive, #100  17-Nov-2014
Ice House Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 760 Elden St  4-Dec-2014
Iceberry  Non-Smoking Facility 6434 Springfield Pz  12-May-2014
Iceberry  Non-Smoking Facility 11990-C Market Street  25-Jul-2014
Ichiban Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 6821-A Old Dominion Dr  9-Dec-2014
Idylwood Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 2190-B Pimmit Drive  31-Oct-2014
IHOP  Non-Smoking Facility 7784 Gunston Plaza  16-Jan-2015
IHOP # 572  Non-Smoking Facility 13804 Metrotech Dr  21-Jan-2015
IHOP #3117  Non-Smoking Facility 13810-E Braddock Road  11-Jul-2014
IHOP #3376  Non-Smoking Facility 6419 Shiplett Boulevard  27-Aug-2014
IHOP #4509  Non-Smoking Facility 6206 Interparcel Road  19-Sep-2014
IHOP #471  Non-Smoking Facility 9490 Blake Lane  14-Oct-2014
IHOP #566  Non-Smoking Facility 7694 Richmond Hwy  15-Dec-2014
IHOP #570  Non-Smoking Facility 6655 Arlington Blvd  9-Jan-2015
IL Creation Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 12000 Government Center Pkwy  2-Dec-2014
IL Creation Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 4110 Chain Bridge Rd  21-Oct-2014
IL Creation Cafe Coffee Kiosk  Non-Smoking Facility 4110 Chain Bridge Rd  14-Jan-2014
IL Fornaio  Non-Smoking Facility 11990 Market Street #106  16-Dec-2014
IL Giardino Italian Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8944 Burke Lake Road  6-Feb-2015
IL Mee Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7031 Little River Turnpike  26-Nov-2014
Iliff Nursing Home  8000 Iliff Dr  11-Feb-2015
Imagination Learning Center  14428 Albemarle Point Place, #100  26-Sep-2014
Imagination Learning Center  14225 Newbrook Dr  29-Dec-2014
Imm Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 7203 Columbia Pike  8-Sep-2014
IMO Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2235 Monroe Street  27-Mar-2014
Inchins Bamboo Garden  Non-Smoking Facility 13059 Worldgate Drive  24-Jun-2014
Indaroma Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6548-C Little River Turnpike  22-Jan-2014
Indian Ocean  Non-Smoking Facility 5639 Stone Road  24-Feb-2015
Inova Cares for Seniors  4027-B Olley Lane  15-Jan-2015
INOVA Claude Moore Health Education Center  Non-Smoking Facility 3300 Gallows Road  30-Oct-2014
INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Kitchen  3600 Joseph Siewick Drive  13-Nov-2014
INOVA Fairfax Hospital/ IHVI Basement Kitchen  3300 Gallows Road  30-Oct-2014
INOVA Fairfax Hospital/ IHVI Healthy Heart Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3300 Gallows Road  30-Oct-2014
INOVA Fairfax Hospital/ SSB Kitchen  3300 Gallows Rd  30-Dec-2014
INOVA Fairfax Hospital/ Tower Cafeteria  Non-Smoking Facility 3300 Gallows Rd  30-Dec-2014
INOVA Fairfax Hospital/ WCC Coffee Cart  Non-Smoking Facility 3300 Gallows Rd  30-Dec-2014
INOVA FFX HOSP/ South Side Cafe  3300 Gallows Rd  30-Dec-2014
INOVA Mt Vernon Hospital First Floor  2501 Parkers Lane  16-Jan-2015
INOVA Mt Vernon Hospital Second Floor  Non-Smoking Facility 2501 Parkers Lane  16-Jan-2015
Inova Sunrise of Reston  1778 Fountain Drive  25-Jul-2014
International Point Cafeteria  Non-Smoking Facility 13651 McLearen Rd  19-Mar-2014
International Town & Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 13200 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  15-Aug-2014
International Town & Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 13200 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  20-Nov-2014
Iris Lounge  1524 Spring Hill Rd L-M  10-Dec-2014
Islamic Heritage Center  8900 Lee Highway  14-Aug-2014
Islamic Saudi Academy  8333 Richmond Hwy  26-Jan-2015
Island Creek Elementary School  7855 Morning View Lane  30-Sep-2014
Italian Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7161 Lee Hwy  27-Jun-2014
Italian Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 1522 Belle View Blvd  16-Jul-2014
Italian Deli (Trattoria)  Non-Smoking Facility 6813 Elm St  9-Oct-2014
Italian Garden  Non-Smoking Facility 8500 Leesburg Pike  30-Jul-2014
Italian Gourmet Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 4300 Chantilly Shopping Center 2J  24-Oct-2014
Italian Gourmet, The  505 Maple Ave W  1-Dec-2014
Izalco Bar & Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8403-E Richmond Hwy  20-Jan-2015
Izumi Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 9861 Georgetown Pike  11-Dec-2014
J Gilberts  Non-Smoking Facility 6930 Old Dominion Dr  12-Dec-2014
J J Catering  7013 Oriole Avenue  20-Feb-2015
J J Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 909 Ferndale Ave  29-Oct-2014
J R's Stockyards Inn  Non-Smoking Facility 8130 Watson St  9-Dec-2014
J V Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6666 Arlington Blvd  19-Jun-2014
J W & Friends  Non-Smoking Facility 6531 Backlick Road  20-Jan-2015
J & S Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6850 Versar Center, #251  18-Feb-2015
J & S Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 7000 Commerce Street  2-Feb-2015
Jacalito Grille  Non-Smoking Facility 8081-A Alban Road  11-Aug-2014
Jackson's Mighty Fine Food & Lucky Lounge  Non-Smoking Facility 11927 Democracy Drive  14-Jan-2015
Jaipur Indian Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 9401 Lee Hwy  22-Oct-2014
James Lee Community Center  Non-Smoking Facility 2855-A Annandale Road  4-Dec-2014
Jammin Java  Non-Smoking Facility 227 Maple Avenue East  14-Nov-2014
Jang Won  Non-Smoking Facility 13814-B Braddock Road  24-Nov-2014
Jang Won Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 4210 John Marr Drive  21-Oct-2014
Jangteo 7080  Non-Smoking Facility 7118 Columbia Pike  9-Sep-2014
Janguh Si Kwanguh Dong  Non-Smoking Facility 7123 Columbia Pike  18-Feb-2015
Jasmine Garden  Non-Smoking Facility 8106 Arlington Boulevard  21-Nov-2014
Jason's Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 12955 Fair Lakes Shopping Ctr  17-Sep-2014
Jason's Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 7505 Leesburg Pike  5-Feb-2015
Java Works  Non-Smoking Facility 8283 Greensboro Dr  4-Dec-2014
Java Works Kiosk  Non-Smoking Facility 8283 Greensboro Dr  17-Jul-2014
Jay Vending Company (Building)  Non-Smoking Facility 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr  5-Aug-2014
Jay Vending Company (Parked Vehicle)  Non-Smoking Facility 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr  5-Aug-2014
Jayasri Sweets  313 Sunset Park Drive  5-Dec-2014
JBD  7039 Columbia Pike
JC's Springfield Market Cafe & Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 6315 Backlick Road Unit# 199  12-Dec-2014
Jeb Stuart High School  3301 Peace Valley Lane  22-Oct-2014
Jefferson Dining Room  7430 Spring Village Dr  19-Feb-2014
Jefferson Golf Course Snack  Non-Smoking Facility 7900 Lee Hwy  2-Oct-2014
Jefferson High School  6560 Braddock Rd  17-Oct-2014
Jenni's Autentico Tacos and Pupusas  313 Spring St  20-Oct-2014
Jenny's Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 7664-B Fullerton Road  9-Dec-2014
Jerry's Subs and Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 13916 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway  28-Jan-2015
Jerry's Subs & Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 7001-L Manchester Blvd  20-Oct-2014
Jerry's Subs & Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 6308 Richmond Highway  9-Sep-2014
Jerry's Subs & Pizza Reston  Non-Smoking Facility 1432 North Point Village Center  20-Feb-2015
Jersey Mike's Subs  Non-Smoking Facility 7732-D Richmond Highway  16-Dec-2014
Jersey Mike's Subs  Non-Smoking Facility 5005 Westone Plaza Blvd Unit B  18-Sep-2014
Jersey Mike's Subs  Non-Smoking Facility 12703 Shoppes Lane  2-Feb-2015
Jersey Mike's Subs  Non-Smoking Facility 7000 Brookfield Plaza B  2-Feb-2015
Jersey Mike's Subs  Non-Smoking Facility 11199 Lee Highway Unit C  23-Dec-2014
Jerusalem Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 3405 Payne St  26-Nov-2014
Jill's House  9011 Leesburg Pike  25-Nov-2014
Jimmy's Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2201 Cooperative Way  24-Jun-2014
Jimmy's Old Town Catering  689 Spring St  6-Nov-2014
Jimmy's Old Town Tavern  Non-Smoking Facility 695 Spring St  6-Nov-2014
Jimmy John's  Non-Smoking Facility 454 Elden Street  17-Oct-2014
Jimmy John's  Non-Smoking Facility 6305C Richmond Highway  28-Jan-2015
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches  Non-Smoking Facility 2750 Gallows Road  14-Nov-2014
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches  Non-Smoking Facility 4300 Chantilly Shopping Center 1F  24-Oct-2014
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches  Non-Smoking Facility 8359 Leesburg Pike B  4-Sep-2014
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches  Non-Smoking Facility 7011-D Manchester Blvd  23-Feb-2015
Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches  Non-Smoking Facility 11075 Fairfax Blvd  26-Aug-2014
Jireh Bakery Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 13848 Lee Hwy  4-Apr-2014
JJ's Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 5601-F General Washington
JJ Gourmet Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 1953 Gallows Rd  28-Oct-2014
JK Deli & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 8251 Greensboro Dr  10-Dec-2014
JKO Catering Company  6333 South Kings Hwy, Suite E  8-Oct-2014
Joe's Burgers  Non-Smoking Facility 6710 Old Dominion Dr  6-Nov-2014
Joe's Crab Shack  Non-Smoking Facility 12831 Fair Lakes Pkwy  14-Oct-2014
Joe's Place Pizza & Pasta  Non-Smoking Facility 435 Maple Ave W  2-Sep-2014
John's Bagel Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6043 Centreville Crest Lane  9-Jul-2014
John's Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 9300 Lee Highway  11-Dec-2014
John City's Fresh Pure Juice Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 7067 Brookfield Plaza  9-Jan-2014
Johnny's NY Style Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 7011-G Manchester Boulevard  29-Sep-2014
Johnny's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 141 Park St SE  20-Feb-2015
Johnny Ray's Sultry Soul Food  Non-Smoking Facility 1141 Elden Street  20-Nov-2014
Johnny Rockets #334  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Kingstowne Center #100  12-Aug-2014
Johnny Sub Shop  Non-Smoking Facility 8256B Richmond Hwy  21-Oct-2014
Ju Mak Jip  Non-Smoking Facility 6531 Little River Tpke  22-Jan-2014
Juke Box Diner  Non-Smoking Facility 7039 Columbia Pike  10-Dec-2014
Juliano's  Non-Smoking Facility 5950 Richmond Highway  22-Jan-2015
Justa's Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 4711 N Chambliss St  24-Mar-2014
Kabob Express Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6057 Centreville Crest Lane  18-Aug-2014
Kabob Factory  Non-Smoking Facility 8170 Silverbrook Rd  17-Sep-2014
Kabob House  Non-Smoking Facility 8315-B Leesburg Pike  10-Dec-2014
Kabob Place  Non-Smoking Facility 9904 Georgetown Pike  27-Jan-2015
Kabob & Curry Sweets  Non-Smoking Facility 2913-A Arlington Drive  14-Jul-2014
Kabul Kabob House  514A South Van Dorn Street  12-Dec-2014
Kafta Mania  6129 Leesburg Pike, Suite 312  29-Jul-2014
Kalpasi Indian Cusine  Non-Smoking Facility 13055 Worldgate Dr  16-Dec-2014
Kalypso's Sports Tavern  Non-Smoking Facility 1617 Washington Plaza  11-Dec-2014
Kampo Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5884 Leesburg Pike  20-Nov-2014
Kana Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 7020-B Old Keene Mill Road  30-Dec-2014
Kang Chon Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7048 Spring Garden Dr, #4  19-Nov-2014
Kang Chon Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5930 Centreville Crest Ln  26-Aug-2014
Kanjana Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 8064 Rolling Road  24-Feb-2015
Karahi Kabob House  Non-Smoking Facility 7050 Spring Garden Dr  7-Nov-2014
Karu & Toast  7115 Leesburg Pike #107  8-Sep-2014
Katana Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 7588 Telegraph Rd  4-Dec-2014
Kay School  3005 Dower House Dr.  21-Nov-2014
Kazan Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6813 Redmond Dr  3-Dec-2014
Keene Mill Road Elementary School  6310 Bardu Ave  2-Oct-2014
keenWest Springfield Elementary School  6802 Deland Dr  2-Oct-2014
Kelly's Cajun Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7943-L Tysons Corner Center  3-Dec-2014
Kenji Fusion  Non-Smoking Facility 3539 South Jefferson Street  10-Feb-2015
Kent Gardens Elementary School  1717 Melbourne Dr  3-Oct-2014
Key Center  6404 Franconia Rd  9-Feb-2015
Key Intermediate School  6402 Franconia Rd  9-Feb-2015
KFC #K071110  Non-Smoking Facility 13962 Lee Jackson Highway  15-Dec-2014
KFC #K071112  Non-Smoking Facility 5794 Union Mill  4-Sep-2014
KFC #K071119  Non-Smoking Facility 7521 Richmond Highway  20-Feb-2015
KFC #K071143  Non-Smoking Facility 6310 Backlick Road  26-Jan-2015
KFC #K071145  Non-Smoking Facility 6227 Little River Turnpike  16-Apr-2014
KFC #K071146  Non-Smoking Facility 5711 Columbia Pike  4-Dec-2014
KFC #K071150  Non-Smoking Facility 7450 Little River Turnpike  4-Dec-2014
KFC #K071151  Non-Smoking Facility 9402 Old Burke Lake Road  22-Aug-2014
KFC #K071152  Non-Smoking Facility 5890 Kingstowne Centre 160  5-Feb-2015
Khan Kabob House  Non-Smoking Facility 4229 Lafayette Center Dr. 1475  18-Dec-2014
Kid Junction  Non-Smoking Facility 4090-E Lafayette Center Drive  8-Oct-2014
Kiddie Academy  12320 Pinecrest Road 150  31-Oct-2014
Kiddie Academy of Centreville  14275 Braddock Road  6-Feb-2015
Kiddie Country Day Care  6000 Schoolhouse Woods Rd  12-Feb-2015
Kiddie Country Development Learning Center  9601 Old Keene Mill Rd  20-Oct-2014
Kidwell Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1951 Kidwell Drive  5-Sep-2014
Kilmer Intermediate School  8100 Wolftrap Rd  20-Oct-2014
Kilroys  Non-Smoking Facility 5250-A Port Royal Rd  28-Jan-2015
Kimberly's Corporate Catering  8455-O Tyco Road  3-Oct-2014
Kimchi BBQ Taco  1639 Irvin St  4-Feb-2014
Kimchi House Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8537 Richmond Hwy  20-Feb-2015
KinderCare  6323 Grovedale Drive  14-Nov-2014
KinderCare  8350 White Feather Court  15-Aug-2014
KinderCare  1946 Isaac Newton Sq  15-Sep-2014
KinderCare  8604 Pohick Rd  19-Dec-2014
KinderCare  5124 Woodmere Dr  22-Aug-2014
KinderCare  2869 Hunter Mill Road  22-Oct-2014
KinderCare  4616 Minor Lane  23-Jan-2014
KinderCare  8518 Bauer Drive  31-Jul-2014
KinderCare  2300 Soapstone Dr  4-Nov-2014
KinderCare  7136 Telegraph Rd  8-Dec-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  1309 North Village Rd  12-Sep-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  1178 Herndon Pkwy  18-Feb-2015
Kindercare Learning Center  801 Locust St  19-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  9328 Braddock Rd  20-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  6215 Stone Rd  21-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  9724 Burke Lake Rd  21-Jan-2015
Kindercare Learning Center  4216 Stringfellow Road  22-Sep-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  6123 Gum Street  30-Oct-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  437 Knoll St Nw  4-Nov-2014
Kindercare Learning Center  6025 Burke Commons Rd  6-Feb-2015
KinderCare Learning Center # 265  13220 Franklin Farms Rd  18-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center # 734  8119 Rolling Road  14-Nov-2014
Kindercare Learning Center # 874  5680 Oak Leather Dr  21-Jan-2015
Kindercare Learning Center #1010  4287 Buckman Rd  21-Oct-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1030  13228 Franklin Farm Rd  7-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1130  7901 Fordson Rd  25-Jul-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1232  11875 Lake Newport Rd  9-Sep-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1468  6301 Kingstowne Commons  16-Oct-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1537  3051 Centreville Rd  21-Mar-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1542  1802 Old Reston Ave  12-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #1796  11723 Lee Highway  1-Aug-2014
Kindercare Learning Center #844  7901 Rolling Rd  13-Nov-2014
King's NY Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 11184 Lee Highway  23-Dec-2014
King Canon / Kogiya  Non-Smoking Facility 4220-A Annandale Road  8-Dec-2014
King Pollo  Non-Smoking Facility 4080 Airline Parkway  29-Sep-2014
Kings Bite  Non-Smoking Facility 13647 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  8-Oct-2014
Kings Glen Elementary School  5401 Danbury Forest School  2-Oct-2014
Kings Park Elementary School  5400 Harrow Way  3-Oct-2014
Kingstowne Center for Active Adults  6488 Landsdowne Ctr  6-Jan-2014
Kingstowne Cinema  5910 Kingstowne Towne Center  8-May-2014
Kmart #4483/Little Caesars  Non-Smoking Facility 4251A John Marr Drive  12-Feb-2015
Knights of Columbus Snack Bar #5998  Non-Smoking Facility 8592A Richmond Hwy  14-Nov-2014
Ko Hyang House  Non-Smoking Facility 4265-C Brookfield Corporate Drive  29-Sep-2014
Kob Kun Fine Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 2946-L Chain Bridge Rd  5-Dec-2014
Kochix  Non-Smoking Facility 7554 Telegraph Road  9-Feb-2015
Kokeeri  Non-Smoking Facility 13830 Braddock Road # A11  18-Aug-2014
Koon's Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2000 Chain Bridge Rd  30-Jul-2014
Korean Central Presbyterian Church Main Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 15451 Lee Highway  27-Jun-2014
Korean Central Presbyterian Church, Cafe Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 15451 Lee Highway  27-Jun-2014
Kraze Burger  Non-Smoking Facility 2001 International Dr  13-Feb-2015
Krispy Kreme Donut #23  Non-Smoking Facility 6332 Richmond Hwy  9-Sep-2014
KSB Cafe of New York  Non-Smoking Facility 2571 John Milton Dr  31-Mar-2014
Kulan Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3821-F South George Mason Drive  9-May-2014
Kumo Asian Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 7025-F Manchester Blvd.  16-Apr-2014
Kumo Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 2338 Woodland Crossing  2-Apr-2014
L' Auberge Chez Francois  Non-Smoking Facility 332 Springvale Rd  11-Sep-2014
La Brasa Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 7738 Gunston Plaza Dr.  26-Sep-2014
La Choza Restaurant Bar & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 8558-H Lee Highway  19-Feb-2015
La Clicenita  6476 Gainer Street  6-Jan-2014
La Cochabambina  6564 Montrose St  12-Dec-2014
La Cochalita  7312 Wayne Drive  6-Dec-2013
La Crepe Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 11719-L Fair Oaks Mall Ce. #J133  3-Dec-2014
La Estancia Churrasqueria  Non-Smoking Facility 7810-F Lee Highway  19-Dec-2014
La Fortaleza  7228 Roosevelt Ave  30-Dec-2014
La Guanaca Food Service  3952 Deer Court  30-Dec-2014
La Hacienda  7037 Brookfield Plaza  6-Jan-2015
La Hacienda Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7037 Brookfield Plz  11-Feb-2015
La Madeleine  Non-Smoking Facility 7960 Tysons Corner Center D-80  21-Jul-2014
La Madeleine  Non-Smoking Facility 5876 Kingstowne Center 100  7-Aug-2014
La Madeleine French Bakery And Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1833 Fountain Dr  24-Oct-2014
La Madeleine French Bakery And Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 5861 Crossroads Center Way  27-Aug-2014
La Mexicana Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 2907 Arlington Drive  11-Jul-2014
La Ong Thai Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 2521 John Milton Drive  3-Dec-2014
La Paz Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Columbia Pike  20-Nov-2014
La Petite Academy  10996 Clara Barton Dr  13-Feb-2015
La Petite Academy  5130 Woodmere Dr  22-Aug-2014
La Petite Academy  6600 La Petite Lane  30-Dec-2014
La Petite Academy  6175 Charles Arrington Dr  6-Nov-2014
La Petite Academy # 7133  8808 Redman St  15-Aug-2014
La Prima  8424-A Lee Highway  4-Sep-2014
La Sandia  Non-Smoking Facility 7852-L Tysons Corner Center  23-Feb-2015
La Tolteca  Non-Smoking Facility 5614 Ox Rd  23-Jul-2014
La Veracruzana Taqueria  7404 Valleycrest Boulevard  26-Dec-2012
Lafayette Deli & Caterers  Non-Smoking Facility 4230-Q Lafayette Center Drive  20-Nov-2014
Lake Accotink Snack Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 7500 Accotink Park Rd  25-Jul-2014
Lake Anne Coffee House  Non-Smoking Facility 1612 Washington Plaza North  31-Oct-2014
Lake Anne Elementary School  11510 North Shore Dr  5-Feb-2015
Lake Braddock Secondary School  9200 Burke Lake Rd  16-Sep-2014
Lake Fairfax Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1767 Business Center Dr #200  4-Dec-2014
Lakeside Asian Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 11130 South Lakes Drive J  6-Oct-2014
Langley High School  6520 Georgetown Pike  7-Oct-2014
Langston Hughes Intermediate School  11401 Ridge Heights Rd  9-Oct-2014
Las Americas Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 3103-A Graham Rd  11-Feb-2015
Las Carnitas Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8250 Richmond Highway  6-Nov-2014
Las Colinas Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7718 Gunston Plaza  12-Sep-2014
Las Delicias  3848 Pinewood Terrace  16-May-2014
Las Tres Regiones  Non-Smoking Facility 13840-D Braddock Rd  4-Aug-2014
Las Veguitas Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6333 South Kings Hwy #C  10-Dec-2014
Lasani Kabob Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8998-B Lorton Station Blvd  26-Sep-2014
Latina Food Service  14379 Saguaro Pl  15-Dec-2014
Latino Chicken Place  Non-Smoking Facility 7263-G Arlington Boulevard  6-Feb-2015
Latino Pollo A La Brasa  Non-Smoking Facility 7028 Commerce Street  16-Apr-2014
Laurel Hill Elementary School  8390 Laurel Crest Dr  17-Sep-2014
Laurel Hill Golf Club  Non-Smoking Facility 8701 Laurel Crest Drive  8-Oct-2014
Laurel Learning Center  11484 Washington Plz W 200  25-Jul-2014
Laurel Ridge Elementary School  10110 Commonwealth Blvd  13-Feb-2015
Lava Yogurt  Non-Smoking Facility 7500 Suite #12B Leesburg Pike  12-Feb-2015
Le Bledo Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6691-A Backlick Road  9-Sep-2014
Le Pain Quotidien  Non-Smoking Facility 1961 Chain Bridge Road J18U  16-Sep-2014
Le Pain Quotidien  Non-Smoking Facility 8296L Glass Alley 120  8-Dec-2014
Learning Experience, The  4150 Pleasant Valley Road  31-Oct-2014
Lebanese Taverna  Non-Smoking Facility 1840-G Galleria at Tysons II  7-Oct-2014
Ledo Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 2254-A Hunters Woods Plaza  17-Jan-2014
Ledo Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 7475 Mount Vernon Square Circle  2-Dec-2014
Ledo Pizza and Pasta  Non-Smoking Facility 5081 Westfields Bvd  30-Sep-2014
Ledo Pizza Of Falls Church  Non-Smoking Facility 7510 Leesburg Pike  12-Dec-2014
Ledo Pizza & Pasta  Non-Smoking Facility 11725 Lee Highway  5-Sep-2014
Ledo Pizza & Pub  Non-Smoking Facility 8324A Old Keene Mill Road  23-Sep-2014
Ledo Pizza & Pub  Non-Smoking Facility 5890 Kingstowne Center F-140  3-Sep-2014
Lee High School  6540 Franconia Rd  3-Oct-2014
Lee Road Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 14506D Lee Rd  30-Oct-2014
Lees Corner Elementary School  13500 Hollinger Ave  2-Oct-2014
Leewood Healthcare Center  7120 Braddock Rd  21-Jan-2015
Legal Seafoods Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 2001 International Dr  10-Dec-2014
Lemon Road Elementary School  7230 Idylwood Rd  22-Jan-2015
Lemongrass Truck  5119 Bebe Ct  24-Jan-2014
Lemongrass Truck II  14004M Willard Road  22-Jan-2014
Lewinsville Retirement Residence  Non-Smoking Facility 1515 Great Falls St  7-Jan-2015
Lewinsville Senior Center  1609 Great Falls Street  8-Oct-2014
Liberty Center III Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 14668 Lee Road  30-Oct-2014
Liberty Crossing Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1500 Tyson Mclean Drive  23-Sep-2014
Liberty Middle School  6801 Union Mill Rd.  23-Oct-2014
Life Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Trinity Parkway  27-Oct-2014
Life Time Fitness - Life Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1757 Business Center Drive  20-Nov-2014
Life Time Fitness - Poolside Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 1757 Business Center Drive  20-Aug-2014
Light Global Mission Church Trailer  3901 Fair Ridge Drive  6-May-2014
Lil Italian Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3065R Centreville Rd  8-Apr-2014
Lime Lemon  2800 Graham Road  11-Mar-2014
Lime Maki House  Non-Smoking Facility 13830 Lee Highway 12-14  27-Oct-2014
Limetree  10158 Turnberry Place  28-Jan-2014
Lincoln Properties Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 13900 Lincoln Park Dr  22-Dec-2014
Lincolnia Adult Day Health Care  4710N Chambliss St  24-Feb-2015
Lincolnia Assisted Living  4710 N Chambliss St  24-Feb-2015
Lincolnia Senior Center  4710 N Chambliss St  24-Feb-2015
Listrani's  Non-Smoking Facility 6808 Old Dominion Dr  29-Oct-2014
Little Acorn Patch  6226 Rolling Rd  11-Aug-2014
Little Acorn Patch  5801 Castlewellan Drive  22-Oct-2014
Little Caesar's  8752 Richmond Hwy  28-Jan-2015
Little Caesar's 1978-1  7293 Commerce Street  13-Feb-2015
Little Caesar's 1978-3  13963 Metrotech Drive  21-Jan-2015
Little Caesar's Pizza  6144 Rose Hill Drive  19-Nov-2014
Little Caesars 1978-4  Non-Smoking Facility 6025 Burke Centre Parkway  26-Aug-2014
Little Caesars Annandale  Non-Smoking Facility 7436 Little River Turnpike  3-Dec-2014
Little Hunting Park  Non-Smoking Facility 7000 Canterbury Lane
Little Italy Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 13850-E Braddock Road  21-Nov-2014
Little Italy Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6920J Bradlick Shopping Ctr  8-Apr-2014
Little River Glen Independent Living Center  4001 Barker Court  23-Oct-2014
Little Run Elementary School  4511 Olley Lane  23-Sep-2014
Little Saigon Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6218B Wilson Blvd  29-Oct-2014
Llajtaymanta Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7236 Arlington Blvd  22-Jan-2015
Lo's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 3075 Nutley Street  29-Dec-2014
Loading Dock Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 14550 Lee Road  2-Sep-2014
Loaves and Leaves  Non-Smoking Facility 12018 Sunrise Valley Drive  30-Sep-2014
Lobby Shop  1650 Tysons Blvd LL-10  17-Jul-2014
Logan's Roadhouse #333  Non-Smoking Facility 12821 Fair Lakes Pkwy  22-Sep-2014
Lombardi's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 111 Maple Avenue W.  18-Nov-2014
Loncheria Rubio  6012 Dinwiddle St  27-Feb-2014
Londontowne Elementary School  6100 Stone Rd  9-Feb-2015
Long John Silvers #3412  Non-Smoking Facility 7049 Leesburg Pike  2-Feb-2015
Longfellow Intermediate School  2000 Westmoreland St  3-Oct-2014
Longhorn Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 14056 Thunderbolt Place  27-Oct-2014
Lorton Senior Center  7722 Gunston Plz  13-Feb-2015
Lorton Station Elementary School  9298 Lewis Chapel Road  13-Feb-2015
Lorton Tutti Frutti  Non-Smoking Facility 7756-D Gunston Plaza Drive  14-Mar-2014
Lost Dog Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2729A Merrilee Drive  11-Dec-2014
Lost Dog Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1690-A Anderson Rd  6-Aug-2014
Lotus Garden  Non-Smoking Facility 224 Maple Avenue West  15-Jan-2015
Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 13872 Metrotech Dr  6-Nov-2014
Louie's New York Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 7908-E Kincannon Pl  17-Sep-2014
Louise Archer Elementary School  324 Nutley St Nw  5-Sep-2014
Loving Hut Healthy Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 2842 Rogers Drive  23-Dec-2014
Loyal Order of Moose Arlington Lodge #13  5710 Scoville St  14-May-2014
Lu's Restaurant & Carry Out  Non-Smoking Facility 7151 Lee Highway  30-Jan-2015
Lucia's Italian Ristorante  Non-Smoking Facility 2531 John Milton Drive  8-Jan-2014
Luciano Italian Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 1050 Elden St  12-Feb-2015
Luciano Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 2946G Chain Bridge Rd  15-Dec-2014
Luciano Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 7946 Tysons Corner Center  21-Nov-2014
Luciano Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 11711-L Fair Oaks Shopping Ce  24-Feb-2015
Lucky's Sports Theatre & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7027-B Manchester Boulevard  19-Nov-2014
Lulu Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 13838 Braddock Road  17-Oct-2014
Luna Restaurant and Sports Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 5815 Seminary Road  29-Dec-2014
Lunch Time  Non-Smoking Facility 7630 Little River Turnpike Suite LL-100  19-Dec-2014
Lunchera Rosita 2  5582 Hollins Lane  5-Feb-2015
Luther Jackson Intermediate School  3020 Gallows Road  1-Oct-2014
Lutie Lewis Coates ES  2480 River Birch Rd  28-Jan-2015
Lynbrook Elementary School  5801 Backlick Rd  2-Oct-2014
M & S Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 11901 Democracy Drive  2-Dec-2014
Madeira School  8328 Georgetown Pike  9-Oct-2014
Madison Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd. #140  9-Jan-2015
Madison High School  2500 James Madison Dr  23-Oct-2014
Madras Chopsticks  Non-Smoking Facility 2465 Centreville Road J3  6-May-2014
Maggiano's Little Italy  Non-Smoking Facility 1790M Galleria At Tysons II  2-Dec-2014
Maggiano's Little Italy  Non-Smoking Facility 6500 Springfield Mall  8-Dec-2014
Maggio's Italian & Latin Cuisine  2258 Huntington Ave  19-Nov-2014
Magic Wok  Non-Smoking Facility 6194 Franconia Rd  23-Feb-2015
Magic Wok Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1508A Belleview Blvd  13-Feb-2015
Magill's Famous Pizza & Buffet  Non-Smoking Facility 7201 Little River Turnpike  27-Oct-2014
Malek's Pizza Palace  Non-Smoking Facility 7118 Old Keene Mill Rd  26-Jan-2015
Mall Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 10637 Braddock Road  12-Dec-2014
Mama's Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 6257 Little River Turnpike  6-Jan-2014
Mama Mia Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 6112 Rose Hill Dr  30-Oct-2014
Mama Rosa's Ice 1  16621 Dumfries Rd  18-Apr-2014
Mama Rosa's Ice 2  16621 Dumfries Rd  18-Apr-2014
Mama Wok  Non-Smoking Facility 12022 N Shore Drive  18-Dec-2014
Mamma's Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 7601 Fordson Rd  27-Jun-2014
Manchester Bagel  Non-Smoking Facility 7001-K Manchester Blvd  27-Jan-2014
Mandarin Inn  Non-Smoking Facility 1675L Reston Pkwy  23-Feb-2015
Mandarin Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6366 Commerce St.  23-Dec-2014
Mandoo House  Non-Smoking Facility 1810 Michael Faraday Drive  23-Sep-2014
Mandu Rang Kimbob Erang  Non-Smoking Facility 7217 Columbia Pike  18-Feb-2015
Mangino's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 9570-N Burke Road  16-Jan-2015
Manhattan Bagel  Non-Smoking Facility 310 Maple Ave W  13-Jan-2015
Manhattan Bagel  Non-Smoking Facility 5710 Union Mill Rd  18-Aug-2014
Manhattan Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 12975 Highland Crossing Dr C  13-Jun-2014
Manila Oriental  Non-Smoking Facility 7024 Commerce Street  16-Jan-2015
Manna Bistro & Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 14215X Centreville Square  12-Dec-2014
Manna Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 9528 Burke Rd  3-Oct-2014
ManorCare Health Services-Alexandria  1510 Collingwood Road  22-Jan-2015
Mantua Elementary School  9107 Horner Court  4-Dec-2014
Maple Ave  Non-Smoking Facility 147 Maple Ave W  23-Feb-2015
Maplewood Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 132 Branch Rd SE  23-Feb-2015
Marco Polo Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 245 Maple Ave W  19-Nov-2014
Margarita's Grocery  Non-Smoking Facility 8512 Richmond Hwy  14-Jan-2015
Margaritas Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 9526 Burke Road  15-Sep-2014
Mario's Pizza House of Merrifield  Non-Smoking Facility 2847 Gallows Road  15-Oct-2014
Mark's Duck House  Non-Smoking Facility 6184A Arlington Blvd  18-Nov-2014
Mark Twain Intermediate School  4700 Franconia Rd  6-Oct-2014
Market Basket  Non-Smoking Facility 12300 Sunrise Valley Drive  29-Sep-2014
Market Basket Cafeteria  Non-Smoking Facility 12310 Sunrise Valley Drive  29-Sep-2014
Market Basket Coffee Bean  Non-Smoking Facility 12310 Sunrise Valley Drive  13-Mar-2014
Market Place Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7799 Leesburg Pike  6-Oct-2014
Market to Market  Non-Smoking Facility 5611 Columbia Pike  30-Jan-2015
Marriott Hotel Fairfax  Non-Smoking Facility 11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  10-Dec-2014
Marriott Tyson's Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 8028 Leesburg Pike  22-Oct-2014
Marshall High School  7731 Leesburg Pike  17-Oct-2014
Marshall High School Restaurant Trade  7731 Leesburg Pike  21-Oct-2014
Marshall Road Elementary School  730 Marshall Rd Sw  22-Sep-2014
Martin Leppert Sipes VFW Post #9274  Non-Smoking Facility 7118 Shreve Rd  16-May-2014
Mary's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 9530 Lee Highway, Unit# 4  17-Dec-2014
Masala Wok  Non-Smoking Facility 905 Herndon Parkway Suite A  23-Dec-2014
Mason Crest Elementary School  3705 Crest Drive  9-Oct-2014
Matchbox  Non-Smoking Facility 2911 District Avenue  10-Sep-2014
Matsu Sushi Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5635 Stone Road  11-Sep-2014
Matsui Sushi Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6408 Landsdowne Centre  1-Dec-2014
Matsutake Hibachi and Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 13049 Worldgate Dr  19-Dec-2014
Mayuri Indian Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 2316 Hunter Woods Plaza  8-Dec-2014
Mazadar Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 11725 Lee Hwy #A15A  14-Jul-2014
Mazie's Restaurant & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 3825H S. George Mason Drive  5-Nov-2014
Mazzio's Italian Eatery  Non-Smoking Facility 6305A Richmond Hwy  6-Feb-2015
McAlister's Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 13007 Worldgate Drive  9-Dec-2014
McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8484 West Park Dr #130  12-Dec-2014
McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 11920 Democracy Dr  17-Dec-2014
McDonald's  Non-Smoking Facility 7101 Leesburg Pike  13-Feb-2015
McDonald's  Non-Smoking Facility 6219 Rolling Rd  19-Feb-2015
McDonald's  Non-Smoking Facility 3009 Gallows Road  20-Jan-2015
McDonald's - Kings Park  Non-Smoking Facility 8976 Burke Lake Rd  5-Feb-2015
McDonald's Baileys Crossroads  Non-Smoking Facility 4803 Leesburg Pike  5-Feb-2015
McDonald's Carlin Springs Rd  Non-Smoking Facility 5603 Leesburg Pike  19-Dec-2014
McDonald's Cedar Lane  Non-Smoking Facility 282 Cedar Lane SE  3-Nov-2014
McDonald's Falls Church  Non-Smoking Facility 6729 Arlington Blvd  22-Oct-2014
McDonald's Herndon  Non-Smoking Facility 330 Elden Street  5-Feb-2015
McDonald's Kingstowne Walmart  Non-Smoking Facility 5800 Kingstowne Center  20-Oct-2014
McDonald's Oakton  Non-Smoking Facility 2912 Chain Bridge Rd  16-Dec-2014
McDonald's Of Burke #7422  Non-Smoking Facility 5651 Burke Centre Pkwy  5-Feb-2015
McDonald's of Centreville II  Non-Smoking Facility 5931 Fort Drive  18-Jul-2014
McDonald's of Chantilly  Non-Smoking Facility 4424 Chantilly Shopping Center  28-Aug-2014
McDonald's of Fair Lakes  Non-Smoking Facility 12700 Shoppes Lane  16-Sep-2014
McDonald's of Pan Am  Non-Smoking Facility 3091 Nutley St  11-Dec-2014
McDonald's of Penn Daw #7185  Non-Smoking Facility 6239 Richmond Hwy  14-Jan-2015
McDonald's of Stone Road  Non-Smoking Facility 5633 Stone Rd  10-Feb-2015
McDonald's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7937L Tysons Corner Ctr  16-Dec-2014
McDonald's Restaurant #13675  Non-Smoking Facility 8055 Alban Rd  11-Aug-2014
McDonald's Restaurant #20514  Non-Smoking Facility 6220 Backlick Road  28-Jan-2015
McDonald's Restaurant #23718  Non-Smoking Facility 6020 Rose Hill Dr  12-Dec-2014
McDonald's Restaurant #28181  Non-Smoking Facility 7010 Bradlick Shopping Center  28-Jul-2014
McDonald's Restaurant #5020  Non-Smoking Facility 8735 Richmond Highway  19-Aug-2014
McDonald's Restaurant #6513  Non-Smoking Facility 7909 Rolling Rd  24-Feb-2015
McDonald's University Mall  Non-Smoking Facility 10645 Braddock Rd  13-Feb-2015
McDonald's #17147 at Wal-Mart  Non-Smoking Facility 7910 Richmond Hwy  9-Feb-2015
McDonald's #1831  Non-Smoking Facility 5600 Franconia Rd  2-Feb-2015
McDonald's #20513  Non-Smoking Facility 5506 Backlick Rd  15-Jan-2015
McDonald's #2371  Non-Smoking Facility 2475 Centreville Rd  20-Jan-2015
McDonald's #3417  Non-Smoking Facility 7580 Telegraph Rd  4-Dec-2014
McDonald's #3420  Non-Smoking Facility 14390 Air And Space Museum Parkway  7-Feb-2014
McDonald's #3432  Non-Smoking Facility 7116 Old Keene Mill Rd  13-Feb-2015
McDonald's #3463  Non-Smoking Facility 9539 Braddock Rd  20-Jan-2015
McDonald's #4176  Non-Smoking Facility 1071 Elden St  5-Feb-2015
McDonald's #4194  Non-Smoking Facility 6920 Old Dominion Dr  22-Jan-2015
McDonald's #4243  Non-Smoking Facility 13003 Lee Jackson Highway  27-Jan-2015
McDonald's #5001  Non-Smoking Facility 7614 Richmond Hwy  6-Feb-2015
McDonald's #5020  Non-Smoking Facility 6302 Little River Tpke  21-Jan-2014
McDonald's #5033  Non-Smoking Facility 7600 Little River Turnpike  30-Jan-2015
McDonald's #5039  Non-Smoking Facility 544 Maple Ave W  20-Nov-2014
McDonald's #5117  Non-Smoking Facility 7265 Arlington Blvd  4-Feb-2015
McDonald's #5171  Non-Smoking Facility 11265 Roger Bacon Dr  16-Jan-2015
McDonald's #5445  Non-Smoking Facility 9528 Old Keene Mill Rd  20-Aug-2014
McDonald's #6009  Non-Smoking Facility 8512 Leesburg Pike  15-Sep-2014
McDonald's #6026  Non-Smoking Facility 8111 Leesburg Pike  30-Sep-2014
McDonald's #6516  Non-Smoking Facility 2089 Chain Bridge Rd  29-Sep-2014
McDonald's #7555  Non-Smoking Facility 6165 Arlington Blvd  3-Feb-2015
McKeever's Pub  Non-Smoking Facility 6625 Old Dominion Dr  19-Dec-2014
McLean Bible Church Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8925 Leesburg Pike  25-Nov-2014
McLean Family Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 1321 Chain Bridge Rd  24-Nov-2014
McLean High School  1633 Davidson Rd  3-Oct-2014
McLean Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 1434 Center St  5-Feb-2015
McNair Elementary School  2499 Thomas Jefferson Dr  3-Oct-2014
Meadowlark Atrium  9750 Meadowlark Gardens Dr  21-Nov-2014
Meat House, The  9516 Main Street  3-Dec-2014
Meaza Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5700 Columbia Pike  9-Feb-2015
Mediterranean Breeze  781 Station Street  25-Jul-2014
Mediterranean Gourmet Market  Non-Smoking Facility 6122 Franconia Road  20-Feb-2015
Megabytes Eatery  Non-Smoking Facility 14100 Sullyfield Circle 100  27-Oct-2014
Mehran Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7081 Brookfield Plaza  5-Dec-2014
Melanie's  3397 Monarch Ln
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers  Non-Smoking Facility 1030 Elden Street  6-Feb-2015
Melted  6705 Woodstone Place
Melting Pot  Non-Smoking Facility 11730 Plaza America Dr  29-Oct-2014
Members Cafe & Deli  3823 B South George Mason Drive  5-Nov-2014
Mena Carry Out & Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6222 Rolling Road  20-Aug-2014
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt  Non-Smoking Facility 6550-F Little River Turnpike  4-Nov-2014
Menchies  Non-Smoking Facility 3081 Nutley Street  19-Nov-2014
Merkamo Ethiopian Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 7020 Commerce Street  30-Oct-2014
Merkato Market  6816 Bland Street  1-May-2014
Merrifield Child Development  8122 Ransell Road  16-Oct-2014
Merrifield Garden Center Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8132 Lee Highway  10-Dec-2014
Merritt Academy  9211 Arlington Boulevard  11-Dec-2014
Metro Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 139 Spring St  19-Nov-2014
Metro Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2650 Park Tower Dr  20-Oct-2014
MGX Food  6011 Honnicut Dr  21-Feb-2014
Mi Pueblo Pupuseria & Deli Inc  Non-Smoking Facility 1110 Elden St 104  1-Dec-2014
Mi Rico Peru  Non-Smoking Facility 6113 Franconia Rd.  22-Sep-2014
Miami Burgers  Non-Smoking Facility 5554-A Port Royal Road  27-Jan-2015
Midtown Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 1862 Explorer St  7-Nov-2014
Mighty Khan's Mongolian Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 2501 Centreville Road O-11  6-Nov-2014
Miguel's Mexican American Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 6633 Arlington Boulevard  25-Aug-2014
Mikaku  Non-Smoking Facility 3065-J Centreville Road  30-Dec-2014
Mike's American Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 6210 Backlick Rd  15-May-2014
Milano's Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 6230-G Rolling Rd  5-Feb-2015
Milkberry  Non-Smoking Facility 6411 Shiplett Blvd  5-May-2014
Milwaukee Frozen Custard  Non-Smoking Facility 13934 Lee Jackson Hwy  9-Feb-2015
Mina's Place  8455-J Tyco Road  30-Jul-2014
Minerva Indian Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 14513-B Lee Jackson Memorial Highway  12-Dec-2014
Minerva Indian Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 2443-G1 Centreville Road  12-Feb-2014
Minnieland Academy #1  5801 Stone Creek Drive  16-Jan-2015
Minnieland Academy #2  5803 Stone Creek Drive  16-Jan-2015
Minnieland Early Learning Center  9467 Lorton Market Street  11-Aug-2014
Minnieland Early Learning Center  6001 Centreville Crest Lane  8-Oct-2014
Minnieland Private Day School  7752 Gunston Plz  18-Aug-2014
Miso Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7410-B Little River Turnpike  3-Dec-2014
Mitre 3 Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7594 Colshire Drive  27-Oct-2014
Mitre Polk Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1764 Old Meadow Lane  19-Dec-2014
Miu Kee Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6653 Arlington Blvd  7-Nov-2014
Mixing Bowl  Non-Smoking Facility 7949-LB Tysons Corner Center  6-Feb-2015
Miyagi Japanese Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6719 Curran Street  23-Dec-2014
Moby Dick House of Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 6854 Old Dominion Dr  10-Feb-2015
Moby Dick House of Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 12154 Fairfax Towne Center  13-Nov-2014
Moby Dick House of Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 12975-A Highland Crossing Dr  17-Dec-2014
Moby Dick House of Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 1500 Cornerside BV Suite F  24-Oct-2014
Moby Dick House of Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Kingstowne Towne Center  7-Jan-2014
Moe's Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7700 Leesburg Pike  20-Oct-2014
Moe's Southwest Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 12950 Highland Crossing Drive  17-Apr-2014
Moe's Southwest Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 5005-A Westone Plaza  20-Aug-2014
Moe's Southwest Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7698 Richmond Hwy  24-Feb-2015
Moe's Southwest Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 5855 Leesburg Pike  8-Oct-2014
Molly's Yogurt  Non-Smoking Facility 521 Maple Ave West  17-Apr-2014
Momo's Nepalese Food  Non-Smoking Facility 6304 Springfield Plaza  30-Jan-2015
Mon Ami Gabi  Non-Smoking Facility 11950 Democracy Drive  16-Dec-2014
Monaco Deli & Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 10123 Colvin Run C  18-Feb-2015
Monarch Christian Academy  4090-D Lafeyette Center Dr  31-Oct-2014
Monroe Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 610 Herndon Pkwy  30-Jan-2014
Montebello Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 5905 Mt Eagle Dr  19-Feb-2015
Montessori Children's Center  6319 Old Centreville Road  14-Aug-2014
Montessori Children's Center  2745 Centreville Rd  5-Nov-2014
Montessori School Of Alexandria  6300 Florence Lane  4-Dec-2014
Montessori School of Chantilly  4455 Brookfield Corporate Drive  28-Aug-2014
Montessori School of Fairfax  3411 Lee's Corner Rd  5-Dec-2014
Montessori School of Herndon  840 Dranesville Rd  12-Aug-2014
Monty's Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 8426 Old Keene Mill Road  22-Oct-2014
Monument Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 12150 Monument Dr  31-Oct-2014
Morning Bagel Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 7578A Telegraph Road  6-Nov-2014
Morton's Of Chicago Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 11956 Market St  15-Dec-2014
Mosby Woods Elementary School  9819 Five Oaks Rd  24-Oct-2014
Mott Community Center  12111 Braddock Road  31-Dec-2014
Mount of Lebanon  Non-Smoking Facility 2922 Annandale Road  24-Nov-2014
Mount Olive Baptist Church  6600 Old Centreville Road  4-Dec-2014
Mount Vernon Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 5111 Old Mill Rd  15-May-2014
Mount Vernon Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 5111 Old Mill Rd  23-Dec-2014
Mount Vernon High School  8515 Old Mount Vernon Rd  23-Sep-2014
Mount Vernon High School Restaurant Trade  8515 Old Mount Vernon Rd  25-Sep-2014
Mount View Alternative High School  5775 Spindle Crt  19-Feb-2015
Mr Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 7077 Brookfield Plaza  20-Feb-2015
Mr Pepperoni  Non-Smoking Facility 303 Spring St  21-Oct-2014
Mr. Taco  4120 Galen St.
Mt Daniel Elementary School  2328 Oak St N  9-Oct-2014
Mt Eagle Elementary School  6116 North Kings Hwy  29-Jan-2015
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Christian Academy  2516 Squirrel Hill Rd  15-Dec-2014
Mt Vernon Day Health Care Center  8350 Richmond Highway #137  20-Feb-2015
Mt Vernon Inn Food Court Pavillion  Non-Smoking Facility 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy  11-Sep-2014
Mt Vernon Inn Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy  3-Dec-2014
Mt Vernon Nursing Center  8111 Tiswell Drive  26-Jan-2015
Mt Vernon Woods Elementary School  4015 Fielding St  12-Nov-2014
Mt. Vernon Lee Day Care Center  3434 Campbell Dr  21-Feb-2014
My Thai Place Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 14245-N Centreville Sq  16-Dec-2014
Myanmar Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7810C Lee Hwy  25-Nov-2014
Mylo's Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 6238 Old Dominion Dr  16-Dec-2014
Myung Ga Korean Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 14165 Saint Germain Drive  23-Jul-2014
NADA Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8400 Westpark Drive  20-Nov-2014
Nak Won Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7315 Little River Turnpike  24-Oct-2014
Naked Pizza  1363 Chain Bridge Rd  14-Jan-2014
Naked Pizza  1675-M Reston Parkway  23-Feb-2015
Namaste  Non-Smoking Facility 6138 Rose Hill Drive  15-Sep-2014
Nan Jing Chinese Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 11213-C Lee Hwy  4-Dec-2014
Nando's Peri Peri  Non-Smoking Facility 6802 Springfield Mall 6802  24-Oct-2014
Napoleon Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 4217 Annandale Center Drive  13-Mar-2014
National Rifle Association  Non-Smoking Facility 11250 Waples Mill Rd  3-Nov-2014
Natta Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 153 Glyndon Street, SE  10-Feb-2015
Navy Elementary School  3500 Ox Rd W  2-Oct-2014
Navy Federal Credit Union  Non-Smoking Facility 820 Follin Lane  12-Nov-2014
Nazret Restaurant & Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 3821D S George Mason Drive  10-Dec-2014
Ned Devine And Ned Kelly's  Non-Smoking Facility 2465 Centreville Rd J8  28-Oct-2014
Neighbor's Restaurant & Sports Pub  262D Cedar Lane  3-Nov-2014
Neiman Marcus Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2255 International Dr  12-Dec-2014
Neisha Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 8027 Leesburg Pike 110  27-Oct-2014
Nest Academy  9129 Royal Robin Lane  20-May-2014
Nestle Toll House Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7947-L Tysons Corner Center  22-Jan-2015
New Annangol  Non-Smoking Facility 4215 Tom Davis Drive  4-Feb-2015
New Beginning, A  4213 Walney Rd  6-Oct-2014
New Beijing  Non-Smoking Facility 8444 Lee Highway  20-Jan-2015
New China  4205 Tom Davis Drive  2-Feb-2015
New China King  Non-Smoking Facility 330 Maple Ave W  20-Nov-2014
New China Taste  Non-Smoking Facility 12717 Shoppes Lane  17-Jul-2014
New China Taste  5910 North Kings Hwy  29-Jan-2015
New Dominion II Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 499 Grove Street  14-Oct-2014
New Hope Church  Non-Smoking Facility 8905 Ox Road  8-Apr-2014
New Horizons Treatment Center  Non-Smoking Facility 8247 Gregory Dr  11-Dec-2014
New Leaf Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 4035 Ridge Top Road  4-Dec-2014
New Orleans Cajun Seafood  Non-Smoking Facility 6168 Arlington Blvd  15-Dec-2014
New Season Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7279 Arlington Blvd  23-Feb-2015
New Star Asian Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 6222 Old Dominion Drive  18-Dec-2014
New York Pizza Factory  7258 Columbia Pike  15-Jan-2015
Newington Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 8352-B Terminal Road  30-Sep-2014
Newington Forest Elementary School  8001 Newington Forest Ave  6-Oct-2014
Nielsen's Frozen Custard  Non-Smoking Facility 144 Church Street NW  28-Apr-2014
Nikko Sushi & Hibachi  Non-Smoking Facility 11730 Plaza America Drive 105  27-Jun-2014
Niralla Sweets  Non-Smoking Facility 7038 Spring Garden Dr  18-Dec-2014
Noblis  Non-Smoking Facility 3150 Fairview Park South  23-Dec-2014
Nomad Grill and Hookah Bar  137 Spring Street  19-Dec-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 11648 Plaza America Drive  12-Feb-2015
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 8190 Strawberry Lane #4  13-Jan-2015
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 13958 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway  18-Feb-2015
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 7702 Richmond Hwy, Suite A  2-Jul-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 14240-B Centreville Square  21-Nov-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 7020 Old Keene Mill Road  23-Oct-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 2405 K Centreville Road  27-Jan-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 7511 Leesburg Pike #101  27-Oct-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Kingstowne Towne Ctr #130  29-Aug-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 201 Maple Ave East T-1  5-Feb-2015
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 1500-C Cornerside Boulevard  6-Oct-2014
Noodles & Company  Non-Smoking Facility 12961 Fair Lakes Parkway  8-Sep-2014
Nordstrom Espresso Bar  8075 Tysons Corner Ctr  15-Jan-2015
North China Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7810-A Lee Highway  29-Oct-2014
North Springfield Elementary School  7602 Heming Crt  3-Oct-2014
Northern Virginia Academy Early Development Center  6420 Landsdowne Center  6-Feb-2015
Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning  6215 Roberts Pkwy  6-Oct-2014
Northern Virginia Academy of Early Learning  8931 Ox Road  8-Oct-2014
Northern Virginia Academy (Landsdowne Campus)  6414 Landsdowne Center  3-Feb-2015
Northern Virginia Academy (Lincolnia Campus)  6396 Lincolnia Rd  17-Apr-2014
Northern Virginia Mental Health Institution  Non-Smoking Facility 3302 Gallows Road  30-Dec-2014
Northern Virginia Training Center  9901 Braddock Rd  14-Aug-2014
Northrop Grumman  Non-Smoking Facility 12900 Federal Systems Park Dr  21-Oct-2014
Northwest Fresh Chantilly  4449-A Brookfield Corporate Drive  26-Aug-2014
Nostos  Non-Smoking Facility 8100 Boone Blvd  7-Oct-2014
Nyame Ye Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8640A Richmond Hwy  3-Nov-2014
Nysmith School for The Gifted  13625 Eds Drive  12-Nov-2014
O'Sullivan's Irish Pub  Non-Smoking Facility 754 Elden St. Unit 102  4-Dec-2014
Oak Hill Elementary School  3210 Kinross Cir  2-Oct-2014
Oak Hill Montessori  3150 Fairview Park Drive  27-Oct-2014
Oakcrest School  850 Balls Hill Road  20-Oct-2014
Oakton Chesapeake Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2952-D Chain Bridge Road  18-Dec-2014
Oakton Elementary School  3000 Chain Bridge Rd  16-Jan-2015
Oakton High School  2900 Sutton Rd  1-Oct-2014
Oakton Swim & Racquet Club  Non-Smoking Facility 11714 Flemish Mill Ct  9-Jul-2014
Oakview Elementary School  5004 Sideburn Rd  18-Sep-2014
Oasis Concessions  7850 Westmont Lane  19-Dec-2014
Obi Sushi  Non-Smoking Facility 1771 Library St  30-Dec-2014
Occoquan Batting Cage Concession  Non-Smoking Facility 9751 Ox Rd  23-May-2014
Occoquan Regional Park-Marina Concession  Non-Smoking Facility 9751 Ox Rd  23-May-2014
Oegadgib  Non-Smoking Facility 7331 Little River Turnpike  3-Dec-2014
Old Brogue Irish Pub  Non-Smoking Facility 760 Walker Rd C  11-Dec-2014
Old Chicago Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 2245 Huntington Avenue  18-Feb-2015
Old Country Buffet #239  Non-Smoking Facility 7820 Richmond Hwy  17-Dec-2014
Old Ox Grille  Non-Smoking Facility 13869 Park Center Rd  12-Dec-2014
Old Peking Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 2952C Chain Bridge Rd  18-Dec-2014
Olde Creek Elementary School  9524 Olde Creek Dr  19-Sep-2014
Olive Branch Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 8428 Lee Highway  3-Feb-2015
Olive Express I  Non-Smoking Facility 11490 Commerce Park  25-Nov-2014
Olive Express #100  Non-Smoking Facility 1881 Campus Commons Drive #100  4-Dec-2014
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8133 Leesburg Pike  13-Nov-2014
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant #1262  Non-Smoking Facility 3548 Jefferson St S  26-Nov-2014
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant #1462  Non-Smoking Facility 12980 Fair Lakes Ctr  31-Oct-2014
Olympian's Family Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6432 Landsdowne Center  18-Sep-2014
On A Roll  Non-Smoking Facility 11111 Sunset Hills Rd 140  15-Dec-2014
On The Border  Non-Smoking Facility 8053 Leesburg Pike  16-Jul-2014
On the Border  Non-Smoking Facility 11880 Spectrum Center  18-Dec-2014
Onelife Fitness  Non-Smoking Facility 9250 Old Keene Mill Road  17-Sep-2014
Open Kitchen  7115 Leesburg Pike Ste #107  5-Dec-2014
Open Road  Non-Smoking Facility 8100 Lee Highway  3-Dec-2014
Orale Mexican Taqueria  Non-Smoking Facility 8762 Richmond Hwy  28-Oct-2014
Orange Hunt Elementary School  6820 Sydenstricker Rd  11-Feb-2015
Oriental Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8558A Lee Highway  20-Jan-2015
Oriental Express  6063 Centreville Crest Lane  28-Aug-2014
Original Pancake House  Non-Smoking Facility 7395-M Lee Highway  16-Oct-2014
Ormond Stone Intermediate School  5500 Sully Park Dr  19-Sep-2014
Osaka  Non-Smoking Facility 6701-K Loisdale Rd  25-Nov-2014
Osteria Marzano  Non-Smoking Facility 6361 Walker Lane 140  22-Oct-2014
Otani Japanese Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 13952 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy  26-Jan-2015
Outback Steak House  Non-Smoking Facility 6651-A Backlick Rd  15-Dec-2014
Outback Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 6804 Richmond Hwy  12-Aug-2014
Outback Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 5702 Union Mill Rd  23-Jan-2015
Outback Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 150 Elden St #100  24-Sep-2014
Outback Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 315 Maple Ave E  25-Nov-2014
Outback Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 9579 Braddock Rd  3-Jul-2014
Ovvio Osteria  Non-Smoking Facility 2727-G Merrilee Drive  16-Dec-2014
Ozzie's Corner Italian  Non-Smoking Facility 11880 Grand Commons  8-Dec-2014
P F Chang's China Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 1716M Galleria At Tysons I  11-Dec-2014
P F Chang's China Bistro  Non-Smoking Facility 4250 Fairfax Corner Avenue  20-Nov-2014
Paco's Catering  5805 Saratoga Street  31-Dec-2014
Pad Thai restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 11199-E Lee Highway  10-Nov-2014
Paddy Barry's  Non-Smoking Facility 8150 Leesburg Pike 160-A  30-Sep-2014
Paisano's  Non-Smoking Facility 7711 Fordson Road  21-Oct-2014
Paisano's  Non-Smoking Facility 6937-A Telegraph Road  22-Jan-2015
Paisano's  Non-Smoking Facility 5765 E Burke Center Parkway  25-Apr-2014
Paisano's  Non-Smoking Facility 6133 Backlick Road A  30-Dec-2014
Paisano's  Non-Smoking Facility 12050-D North Shore Dr  4-Aug-2014
Paisano's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 1141 Elden St  24-Nov-2014
Paisano's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 312 Maple Avenue W  9-Feb-2015
Paisano's Subs and Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 12715 Shoppes Lane  2-Feb-2015
Paisanos  Non-Smoking Facility 4078 Airline Parkway  20-Feb-2015
Paisanos  Non-Smoking Facility 5874 Crossroads Center Way  23-Jan-2015
Paisanos  Non-Smoking Facility 8603 Westwood Center Dr, #130B  26-Nov-2014
Palace Garden  Non-Smoking Facility 7131 Little River Turnpike  14-Nov-2014
Paladar Latin Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 1934 Old Gallows Road  13-Nov-2014
Palm Restaurant, The  Non-Smoking Facility 1750 Tysons Blvd  15-Dec-2014
Pan Am Family Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 3051 Nutley Street  2-Dec-2014
Panaderia Latina  Non-Smoking Facility 6251 Little River Turnpike  14-Apr-2014
Pancho's  Non-Smoking Facility 6901 Hechinger Drive  18-Feb-2015
Panda Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 11725 Lee Hwy #A13A  18-Feb-2015
Panda Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7420 Fullerton Road #105A  4-Sep-2014
Panda Express  Non-Smoking Facility 7941L Tyson Corner Cntr  2-Dec-2014
Panda Express #1408  Non-Smoking Facility 14220-C Centreville Sq  4-Aug-2014
Panda Express #1901  Non-Smoking Facility 7040 Old Keene Mill Road  5-Feb-2015
Panda Express #2004  Non-Smoking Facility 11750 Fair Oaks Shopping Ce G219  13-Feb-2015
Panda Express #2137  Non-Smoking Facility 6307-G Richmond Highway  2-Feb-2015
Panda Express #2379  Non-Smoking Facility 6739 Springfield Mall  5-Dec-2014
Panda Express #682  Non-Smoking Facility 3071 Gatehouse Plaza  8-Dec-2014
Pane E Vino  Non-Smoking Facility 9020 Lorton Station Boulevard  29-Jul-2014
Panera Bread #1039  Non-Smoking Facility 2328 Woodland Crossing Dr  11-Feb-2014
Panera Bread #1162  Non-Smoking Facility 8191 Strawberry Lane Suite A  17-Nov-2014
Panera Bread #1175  Non-Smoking Facility 5774 Union Mill Road  5-Aug-2014
Panera Bread #1185  Non-Smoking Facility 5578 Vincent Gate  10-Feb-2014
Panera Bread #1230  Non-Smoking Facility 460 Elden St  13-Feb-2015
Panera Bread #1267  Non-Smoking Facility 7939L Tysons Corner Ctr. F9L  16-Dec-2014
Panera Bread #1394  Non-Smoking Facility 6230 West Rolling Rd  20-Feb-2015
Panera Bread #1446  Non-Smoking Facility 136 Maple Ave Unit B  11-Feb-2015
Panera Bread #705  Non-Smoking Facility 5857-C Leesburg Pike  13-Aug-2014
Panera Bread #709  Non-Smoking Facility 5926 Kingstowne Towne Ctr, #130  12-Aug-2014
Panera Bread #723  Non-Smoking Facility 12120 Fairfax Towne Center Rd  11-Feb-2015
Panera Bread #724  Non-Smoking Facility 8365 Leesburg Pike  23-Feb-2015
Panera Bread #725  Non-Smoking Facility 1825 Discovery St  8-May-2014
Panera Bread #862  Non-Smoking Facility 6670 Richmond Highway  20-Jan-2015
Pang Pang Silnae Pocha  Non-Smoking Facility 7127B Columbia Pike  11-Dec-2014
Panisa Thai Dining  Non-Smoking Facility 5747 Burke Center Pkwy  13-Aug-2014
Pantry, The  1735 Kirby Road  19-Nov-2014
Paolo's Ristorante  Non-Smoking Facility 11898 Market St  10-Feb-2015
Papa John's Pizza  6228-H Rolling Rd  14-Jan-2014
Papa John's Pizza  9570B Burke Rd  21-Jan-2014
Papa John's Pizza  6920C Bradlick Shopping Ctr  28-Jan-2015
Papa John's Pizza  7756-C Gunston Plaza Drive  30-Jan-2015
Papa John's Pizza  112 Lawyers Rd Nw  7-Feb-2014
Papa John's Pizza #2532  8501 Tyco Road Bay 1-A  31-Jan-2014
Papa John's Pizza #3500  8126 Arlington Boulevard  14-Aug-2014
Papa John's Pizza #600  150 Elden St  11-Aug-2014
Papa John's Pizza #700  13888 Metrotech Dr  19-Mar-2014
Papa John's Pizza #800  13826-E Braddock Rd  12-Mar-2014
Papa John's Pizza #834  1300 Old Chain Bridge Road  6-Mar-2014
Papa John's Pizza #835  5860 Columbia Pike #100  24-Oct-2014
Papa John's Pizza #842  6200 Richmond Highway  7-Oct-2014
Papa John's Pizza #846  5860 Kingstowne Center  1-Apr-2014
Papa John's Pizza #848  7646 Richmond Highway  19-Nov-2014
Papa John's Pizza #999  2571 John Milton Dr  10-Nov-2014
Papa Johns Pizza  9013 Silverbrook Rd  21-Mar-2014
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza  13320 Franklin Farm Road D  7-Aug-2014
Papermoon  Non-Smoking Facility 6315 Amherst Ave  2-Jun-2014
Paradise Biryani Pointe  Non-Smoking Facility 11274 James Swart Ci  11-Feb-2015
Paradise Biryani Pointe  Non-Smoking Facility 12976-B Highland Crossing Dr  13-May-2014
Paradise Indian Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 328 Elden St  15-Oct-2014
Paradiso Ristorante  6124 Franconia Rd  17-Nov-2014
Paraiso Latino Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 720-A Grant Street  3-Dec-2014
Park Avenue Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3300 Gallows Road  30-Dec-2014
Park Place Gourmet  Non-Smoking Facility 6708-A Industrial Rd  21-Mar-2014
Park South Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 2411 Dulles Corner Park  15-Jan-2015
Park Street Eats  7700 Bull Run Drive
Parklawn Elementary School  4116 Braddock Rd  15-Oct-2014
Parrillas Del Sur  Non-Smoking Facility 4230 Annandale Road #120  19-Dec-2014
Pasa Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 1315 Old Chain Bridge Road  25-Sep-2014
Pasara Thai  Non-Smoking Facility 5926 Kingstowne Towne Ctr #180  8-Aug-2014
Passion Fin Bistro & Sushi Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 2750A Gallows Road  16-Dec-2014
Passion Fish  Non-Smoking Facility 1875 Explorer Street  10-Dec-2014
Pastry Xpo  Non-Smoking Facility 8190 Strawberry Lane 6  19-Feb-2015
Paul Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 1858G Galleria at Tysons I  3-Dec-2014
Paul Spring Retirement Community  7116 Fort Hunt Rd  14-Jan-2015
Pazzo Pomodoro  Non-Smoking Facility 118 Branch Road, SE  23-Sep-2014
Peet's Coffee and Tea  Non-Smoking Facility 332 Maple Avenue E.  10-Jul-2014

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