Food Establishments

Name    Facility Address   Last Inspection
CA Montessori Children's Center  2291 Wood Oak Dr12-Sep-2013
CACI Commonwealth Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 14370 Newbrook Dr23-Mar-2014
Cafe' La Cochabambinita  Non-Smoking Facility 6653 Little River Turnpike #Unit E9-Apr-2014
Cafe 28  Non-Smoking Facility 2553 Dulles View Dr13-Jun-2014
Cafe 28 Monument  Non-Smoking Facility 12900 Worldgate Drive27-Jun-2014
Cafe 95  Non-Smoking Facility 8540 # 200 Cinder Bed Rd21-Sep-2014
Cafe America  Non-Smoking Facility 8300 Greensboro Dr ##LL1505-May-2014
Cafe at Fair Lakes  Non-Smoking Facility 12601 Fair Lakes Circle24-Sep-2014
Cafe at Intersections  Non-Smoking Facility 3901 Stonecroft Blvd9-Jan-2014
Cafe China  Non-Smoking Facility 6271-C Old Dominion Drive5-Mar-2014
Cafe Chocolate  7129 Little River Turnpike1-May-2014
Cafe Deluxe  Non-Smoking Facility 1800 International Dr11-Aug-2014
Cafe Epicurean  Non-Smoking Facility 13665 Dulles Technology12-Mar-2014
Cafe Express  Non-Smoking Facility 2750 Prosperity Ave. #Ste 15017-Mar-2014
Cafe Gallery  Non-Smoking Facility 5203 Leesburg Pike ##10214-Mar-2014
Cafe Gallery  Non-Smoking Facility 13200 Woodland Park Rd19-Jun-2014
Cafe Haagen Dazs  Non-Smoking Facility 8030U Tysons Corner Cntr28-Jul-2014
Cafe Italia II  Non-Smoking Facility 7395-A Lee Hwy27-Feb-2014
Cafe Le Mirage  Non-Smoking Facility 6757 Wilson Blvd, #16B15-Oct-2014
Cafe Metro  Non-Smoking Facility 6795 Wilson Blvd, #1E18-Jun-2014
Cafe Montmartre  Non-Smoking Facility 1625 Washington Plz15-May-2014
Cafe Muse  Non-Smoking Facility 7356B Little River Turnpike9-Apr-2013
Cafe Nordstrom  Non-Smoking Facility 8075 Tysons Corner Ctr28-Aug-2014
Cafe Oggi  Non-Smoking Facility 6671 Old Dominion Dr9-Jul-2014
Cafe Renaissance  Non-Smoking Facility 163 Glyndon St7-May-2014
Cafe Right Angle  Non-Smoking Facility 8401 Arlington Boulevard4-Aug-2014
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 6108 Arlington Blvd17-Apr-2014
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 6003D Burke Center Parkway15-Jan-2014
Cafe Rio Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 13057 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy #Suites A-C23-Jul-2014
Cafe Sole  Non-Smoking Facility 7127-A Columbia PikeN/A
Cafe Taj  Non-Smoking Facility 1379 Beverly Rd1-Jul-2014
Cafe Tatti  Non-Smoking Facility 6627 Old Dominion Dr29-Jun-2014
Cafe Trung Nguyen  6795 Wilson Blvd, # 3126-Jun-2014
Cafe Tu-Ah  Non-Smoking Facility 7117 Columbia Pike15-May-2014
Cafe Vy  Non-Smoking Facility 6779 Wilson Blvd13-Jun-2014
Cafe Woodland  Non-Smoking Facility 13221 Woodland Park Road ##11010-Jun-2014
Cafesano  Non-Smoking Facility 11130-M South Lakes Drive18-Sep-2014
Cafesano Catering & Market  11130-C South Lakes Dr6-Oct-2014
Caffe Amouri  Non-Smoking Facility 107 Church St NE6-Apr-2014
Cairo Cafe & Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6244-H Little River Turnpike29-Apr-2014
California Pizza Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 7939-L Tyson Corner Center5-Aug-2014
California Pizza Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 4200 Fairfax Corner West Ave13-May-2014
California Slider Company  2801 Park Center Drive #A1606N/A
California Tortilla  Non-Smoking Facility 2930 Chain Bridge Rd ##10225-Aug-2014
California Tortilla  Non-Smoking Facility 12239 Fair Lakes Promenade Dr21-Aug-2014
California Tortilla  Non-Smoking Facility 1470 North Point Village Center14-Oct-2014
California Tortilla  Non-Smoking Facility 9447 Lorton Market Street22-Jul-2014
Calvary Road Christian School  6811 Beulah Street28-Sep-2014
Cambridge Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8110 Gatehouse Road, 104E14-Oct-2014
Camelot Elementary School  8100 Guinevere Drive9-Oct-2014
Cameron's Coffee & Chocolates  Non-Smoking Facility 9639 Fairfax Blvd25-Aug-2014
Cameron Elementary School  3434 Campbell Dr15-Oct-2014
Campus Commons Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 1900 Campus Commons Dr19-May-2014
Canterbury Woods Elementary School  4910 Willet Drive22-Sep-2014
Cantina D' Italia  Non-Smoking Facility 13015 Fair Lakes Shopping Ctr22-Sep-2014
Cantina D'Italia  Non-Smoking Facility 150 Elden St #18525-Jun-2014
Capital Bagel Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6030 H Burke Commons Road29-Aug-2014
Capital Chicken & Waffles  938 E. Swan Creek Rd #718N/A
Capital Cuisine Caterers  1031 Sterling Rd #10416-Jun-2014
Capital Grille #8014  Non-Smoking Facility 1861 International Dr30-Jun-2014
Capital Kabobs  3107 Annandale Road13-Jan-2014
Capital Kids  8758 Richmond Highway11-Aug-2014
Capital One  Non-Smoking Facility 1680 Capital One Dr9-Apr-2014
Capital One Coffee Bar  1680 Capital One Drive9-Apr-2014
Capital One, 3rd Floor Pantry  Non-Smoking Facility 1680 Capital One Dr9-Apr-2014
Capitol Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 7600A Leesburg Pike ##1409-Oct-2014
Capri Ristorante Italiano  Non-Smoking Facility 6825K Redmond Dr13-Apr-2014
Captain Cookie & The Milk Man  2826 Fairhaven Avenue26-Aug-2014
Captain Pell's Fairfax Crabhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 10195 Lee Hwy14-Jul-2014
Cardinal Forest Elementary School  8600 Forrester Blvd2-Oct-2014
Cardinal Hill Swim & Racquet Club  Non-Smoking Facility 9117 Westerholme Way14-Jul-2014
Caribbean Corner  4008-A University Dr30-Sep-2014
Caribbean Plate, The  Non-Smoking Facility 133 E Annandale Road2-Oct-2014
Carl Sandburg Intermediate School  8428 Fort Hunt Rd24-Feb-2014
Carousel Child Development Center  3408 Woodburn Road9-Mar-2014
Carpool  Non-Smoking Facility 208 Elden St10-Jun-2014
Carrabba's Italian Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 12192 Sunset Hills Rd1-May-2014
Carrabba's Italian Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 5805 Trinity Parkway10-Jun-2014
Casa D'Mama Pizzeria  Non-Smoking Facility 7406-B Little River Turnpike17-Jun-2014
Casa Italia  Non-Smoking Facility 10515 Main Street27-May-2014
Castro's Bakery II  6276 Arlington Blvd2-Sep-2014
Catering By Dana  6441-B General Green Way14-May-2014
Catering By Windows  5724 General Washington Dr25-Jun-2014
Cathy's Bistro  2448 Sandburg Street23-Dec-2013
Cava Mezze Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 8048 Tysons Corner Center Suite K7AU1-May-2014
Cava Mezze Grill Mosaic  Non-Smoking Facility 2905 District Avenue #16517-Sep-2014
Cedar's Gourmet  Non-Smoking Facility 8625A Lee Highway22-Jul-2014
Cedar Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 6409 Shipplett Blvd16-Sep-2014
Cedar Knoll Inn  Non-Smoking Facility 9030 Lucia Lane18-Dec-2013
Cedar Lane Center Food Service  101 Cedar Lane Sw8-Oct-2014
Celadon Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 8412 Old Keene Mill Rd5-Sep-2014
Celebrity Delly  Non-Smoking Facility 7263 Arlington Blvd13-May-2014
Celtic Pasties  273 Sunset Park27-May-2014
Cenan's Bakery/Cafe  122 Branch Rd Se24-Aug-2014
Centre Ridge Elementary School  14400 New Braddock Rd5-Oct-2014
Centreville 12  Non-Smoking Facility 6201 Multiplex Drive7-Sep-2014
Centreville Elementary School  14330 Green Trails Blvd27-Apr-2014
Centreville High School  6001 Union Mill Rd1-Oct-2014
Centreville Moose Lodge #2168  Non-Smoking Facility 3529 Chain Bridge Rd30-Apr-2014
Centreville Volunteer Fire Department  Non-Smoking Facility 5856 Old Centreville Rd16-Jun-2014
Cha Kim Phung  6771 Wilson Blvd3-Jun-2014
Chanab Kabob  Non-Smoking Facility 3065G Centreville Rd10-Mar-2014
Chantilly High School  4201 Stringfellow Rd1-Oct-2014
Chantilly High School Restaurant Trade  4201 Stringfellow Rd1-Oct-2014
Chantilly National Golf & Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 14901 Braddock Rd27-Jun-2014
Chantilly National Golf & Country Club  Non-Smoking Facility 14901 Braddock Rd27-Jun-2014
Chao Phra Ya Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 2465 Centreville Rd20-Nov-2013
Charcoal Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 13969 Metrotech Dr22-Jul-2014
Charcoal Kabab  Non-Smoking Facility 394 Elden St1-Jun-2014
Charlie Chiang's Kwai  7866-E Tysons Corner Center8-Jun-2014
Charlie Chiang's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 14107 Saint Germain Drive5-Jun-2014
Charm Siroo  Non-Smoking Facility 4231 Markham Street #Unit N7-Apr-2014
Checkers Eatery  Non-Smoking Facility 4270A Henninger Ct1-May-2014
Cheesecake Factory  Non-Smoking Facility 11778 Fair Oaks Shopping Ctr24-Jun-2014
Cheesecake Factory  Non-Smoking Facility 1796-U Galleria at Tysons 11-Sep-2014
Chef's Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3957 Pender Dr #1058-Sep-2014
Chef's Table Catering, Inc  141 Spring Street ##212-May-2014
Chef Express  1108A Broad St W26-May-2014
Chef Geoff's Tysons  Non-Smoking Facility 8045 Leesburg Pike30-Apr-2014
Chef Huang's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8638 Richmond Hwy27-Aug-2014
Chef on Wheels  11159 Saffold Way30-Dec-2013
Chen's Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 301 Spring St19-Mar-2014
Cheng's Asian House  Non-Smoking Facility 4090-G-H Airline Parkway7-Sep-2014
Cheogajip Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 13814-C Braddock Road10-Aug-2014
Cherokee Cafeteria  Non-Smoking Facility 5510 Cherokee Ave. ##14026-Mar-2014
Cherry Run Elementary School  9732 Ironmaster Dr11-Mar-2014
Chesapeake Bagel Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 6815 Old Dominion Dr5-Feb-2014
Chesapeake Bagel Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 5719 Burke Center Pkwy25-Sep-2014
Chesterbrook Academy  6210 Multiplex Dr6-Oct-2014
Chesterbrook Academy  4401 Roger Stover Drive6-Aug-2014
Chesterbrook Academy  13501 Braddock Rd12-Aug-2014
Chesterbrook Academy  6200 Inter Parcel Rd18-Sep-2014
Chesterbrook Academy  9525 Leesburg Pike6-Mar-2014
Chesterbrook Academy -Daycare  3751 Centerview Dr8-Sep-2014
Chesterbrook Academy -Private School  3753 Centerview Drive8-Sep-2014
Chesterbrook Academy #816  222 Spring St9-Oct-2014
Chesterbrook Academy #822  4750 Rippling Pond Dr16-Jul-2014
Chesterbrook Elementary School  1753 Kirby Rd1-Oct-2014
Chesterbrook Residences  2030 Westmoreland St23-Jul-2014
Chevy's Fresh Mex  Non-Smoking Facility 3052 Gate House Plaza27-Jul-2014
Chi Mc Chicken & Beer  Non-Smoking Facility 6653-H Little River Turnpike15-Apr-2014
Chicago Dawg House  Non-Smoking Facility 4300 Chantilly Shopping Ctr #1N15-Jun-2014
Chick-Fil-A  Non-Smoking Facility 4412 Chantilly Pl24-Aug-2014
Chick-Fil-A  Non-Smoking Facility 6681A Backlick Road26-Aug-2014
Chick-Fil-A  Non-Smoking Facility 6108C Arlington Boulevard14-Sep-2014
Chick-Fil-A  Non-Smoking Facility 4516 Fair Knoll Drive6-May-2014
Chick-Fil-A at Fair Oaks Mall  Non-Smoking Facility 11937-U Fair Oaks Mall7-Oct-2014
Chick-Fil-A at Village Commons  Non-Smoking Facility 12160 Sunset Hills Rd2-Jun-2014
Chick-Fil-A Tyson's West  Non-Smoking Facility 8461-B Leesburg PikeN/A
Chick-Fil-A @ Fairfax Circle  Non-Smoking Facility 9509 Fairfax Blvd22-Jul-2014
Chicken House  Non-Smoking Facility 7863 Heritage Drive8-Jul-2014
Chicken House  Non-Smoking Facility 6007 Leesburg Pike28-Aug-2014
Chicken House  Non-Smoking Facility 7849-E Richmond Hwy1-Jul-2014
Chicken House  Non-Smoking Facility 7356 Little River Turnpike16-Jun-2014
Chicken Latino  Non-Smoking Facility 14245D Centreville Square24-Jul-2014
Chicken Loco  Non-Smoking Facility 7610 Little River Turnpike16-Apr-2014
Chicken Palace  Non-Smoking Facility 6030-K Burke Commons Road6-May-2014
Chicken Place, The  Non-Smoking Facility 5519 Leesburg Pike27-Apr-2014
Chicken Pollo  Non-Smoking Facility 7320 Little River Tpke18-Jun-2014
Chicken Rico  Non-Smoking Facility 1254 Elden Street8-Apr-2014
Chics N Wings  Non-Smoking Facility 8119 Watson Street24-Jun-2014
Child's Place  1500 Shenandoah Rd26-Aug-2013
Child's Place  3100 Prosperity Avenue13-Apr-2014
Child Care Center of The Common Ground Foundation  1700 Wainwright Dr8-May-2014
Children's Place  860 Dranesville Rd3-Aug-2014
Childtime Children's Center  6000 Union Mill Rd23-Sep-2014
Childtime Children's Center  12550 Ox Trail16-Jul-2014
Childtime Children's Centers  2272 Huntington Ave19-Jun-2014
Childtime Learning Center  11509 Sunset Hills Road19-Mar-2014
Chili's Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6601 Richmond Highway8-Jun-2014
Chili's Southwest Grill & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 11840 Sunrise Valley Dr13-Mar-2014
Chili's Southwest Grill & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 8051 Leesburg Pike10-Apr-2014
Chili's Southwest Grill & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 5501 Leesburg Pike26-Mar-2014
Chili's Southwest Grill & Bar  Non-Smoking Facility 6250 Inter Parcel Rd6-Feb-2014
Chima Brazilian Steakhouse  Non-Smoking Facility 8010 Towers Crescent Drive ##10010-Sep-2014
Chin's Kitchen  6136 Kings Hwy N28-Jul-2014
Chin Jeong Jib  13955 Metrotech Dr. #D-25-Mar-2014
Chin Jeong Jib  Non-Smoking Facility 5900 Centreville Crest Lane #G2-Sep-2014
China 1  Non-Smoking Facility 7700 F Richmond Hwy23-Jan-2014
China Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 8740 Richmond Hwy22-May-2014
China Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 13997 Metrotech Dr10-Aug-2014
China Express  8455M Tyco Rd24-Sep-2014
China Express  Non-Smoking Facility 5712 Union Mill Rd3-Sep-2014
China Garden Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 10374 Willard Way10-Aug-2014
China Garden Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 6426 Landsdowne Center Dr18-Sep-2014
China King  Non-Smoking Facility 12140 Fairfax Towne Center5-Jun-2014
China King  Non-Smoking Facility 2415-B6 Centreville Rd13-Jan-2014
China King  Non-Smoking Facility 141 Spring St12-Aug-2014
China King  Non-Smoking Facility 7500 Leesburg Pike13-Jul-2014
China Shanghai Restaurant  9573 Braddock Rd4-Sep-2014
China Star  Non-Smoking Facility 9600-G Main Street26-Jun-2014
China Town  Non-Smoking Facility 9530B Burke Road12-Sep-2014
China Village  Non-Smoking Facility 1080 Elden Street18-Mar-2014
China Wok  Non-Smoking Facility 8395 Leesburg Pike6-May-2014
Chinito Snow Cones  1733 Byron Street27-Jan-2014
Chinmaya Somnath  Non-Smoking Facility 4350 Blue Spring Road11-Jun-2014
Chipolte Mexican Grill #334  Non-Smoking Facility 14416 Chantilly Crossing Lane23-Sep-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7923L Tysons Corner Ce15-Jul-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 8066 Rolling Road9-Jan-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 6707 Old Dominion Drive24-Jul-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 11160 South Lakes Dr #G229-Sep-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 2946 Chain Bridge Rd26-Aug-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 9506 Main Street4-Sep-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill # 1140  Non-Smoking Facility 6317-A Multiplex Dr.15-May-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill # 983  Non-Smoking Facility 8191 Strawberry Lane ## 422-Jun-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1234  Non-Smoking Facility 13042 Fair Lakes Shopping Ctr26-Aug-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1270  Non-Smoking Facility 13354 Franklin Farm Road10-Sep-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1284  Non-Smoking Facility 11913 Freedom Drive ##355-Jun-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1324  Non-Smoking Facility 5049 Westfield Blvd.4-May-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #1431  Non-Smoking Facility 358 West Broad St10-Jul-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #285  Non-Smoking Facility 12152 Sunset Hills Road12-Aug-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #288  Non-Smoking Facility 5955 Kingstowne Towne Ctr ##16025-Aug-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #350  Non-Smoking Facility 11939 Grand Commons Avenue9-Oct-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #456  Non-Smoking Facility 11062 Lee Highway10-Sep-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #506  Non-Smoking Facility 213 Maple Avenue East14-Jul-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #517  Non-Smoking Facility 1144 Elden Street9-Apr-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #710  Non-Smoking Facility 6770 Richmond Highway29-Jun-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #722  Non-Smoking Facility 6299 Seven Corners Center19-Mar-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #787  Non-Smoking Facility 7108 Old Keene Mill Road30-Jul-2014
Chipotle Mexican Grill #879  Non-Smoking Facility 5747 Burke Centre Parkway29-Jul-2014
Cho Cu Saigon  Non-Smoking Facility 6763 Wilson Blvd, #6D16-Jun-2014
Cho Lon Carryout Restaurant  6795 Wilson Blvd ##1222-Jun-2014
Choices By Shawn  Non-Smoking Facility 3950 Chain Bridge Rd7-Apr-2014
Cholito Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 13912 Metrotech Dr16-Jun-2014
Choong Hwa Woon  Non-Smoking Facility 4409 John Marr Drive7-Jul-2014
Chop-N-Chicken  Non-Smoking Facility 1375 Beverly Rd6-May-2014
Chop Stick  2256 Huntington Ave26-Feb-2014
Chopsticks  Non-Smoking Facility 135 Spring Street3-Aug-2014
Chopsticks Express  7553 Huntsman Blvd21-Apr-2014
Christian Center School  5411 Franconia Rd15-Sep-2014
Chuck E Cheese  Non-Smoking Facility 9404 Main St18-Sep-2014
Chuck E Cheese's  Non-Smoking Facility 2465 Centreville Rd16-May-2013
Chuck E Cheese's  Non-Smoking Facility 6301 Richmond Hwy13-Oct-2014
Church Street Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 115 Church Street SE17-Aug-2014
Churchill Road Elementary School  7100 Churchill Rd10-Sep-2014
Chutney's  Non-Smoking Facility 2415-B5 Centreville Rd5-Jan-2014
Chutny Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 7081 Brookfield Plz29-Sep-2014
Chutzpah  Non-Smoking Facility 12214 Fairfax Towne Ctr17-Jun-2014
Chuy's  Non-Smoking Facility 11219 Lee HighwayN/A
Ciao Osteria  Non-Smoking Facility 14115 Saint Germain Drive12-May-2014
CiCi's Pizza #477  Non-Smoking Facility 3520 S Jefferson Street19-Jun-2014
CiCi's Pizza #517  Non-Smoking Facility 14392 Chantilly Crossing Lane20-Jul-2014
Cinema Arts Theatre  9650 Main St8-Oct-2013
Cinnabon  1961 Chain Bridge Rd ##G3 LB9-Apr-2014
Cinnabon  Non-Smoking Facility 11750 Fair Oaks Mall ##G-22124-Sep-2014
Cinthia's Bakery  Non-Smoking Facility 5860 Columbia Pike ##1034-May-2014
Ciro's Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 6067 Centreville Crest Lane17-Aug-2014
Ciro New York Pizza Express  6065 Centreville Crest LaneN/A
City Diner  Non-Smoking Facility 5616 Leesburg Pike6-May-2014
Clare and Don's Beach Shack  Non-Smoking Facility 130 N Washington Street11-May-2014
Clearview Elementary School  12635 Builders Rd18-Sep-2014
Clermont Elementary School  5720 Clermont Dr15-Oct-2014
Clifton Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7144B Main St30-Sep-2014
Clifton Store  Non-Smoking Facility 7140 Main St30-Sep-2014
Club Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1600 Spring Hill Road14-Apr-2014
Club One Sports Bar & Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 8786 Richmond Hwy26-May-2014
Clyde's of Reston  Non-Smoking Facility 11905 Market St7-Oct-2014
Clyde's of Tysons Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 8332 Leesburg Pike5-Aug-2014
Coal Fire Pizza  Non-Smoking Facility 9276 Old Keene Mill RoadN/A
Coastal Flats  Non-Smoking Facility 11901 Grand Commons Avenue30-Jan-2014
Coastal Flats  Non-Smoking Facility 7860-L Tyson's Corner Center15-Oct-2014
Coco Rico  Non-Smoking Facility 6701 Franconia Rd12-Mar-2014
Cody's Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 10716 Richmond Highway #107N/A
Coffeesmith  Non-Smoking Facility 13924 Metrotech Drive5-Oct-2014
Cold Spoon  Non-Smoking Facility 2312-B Hunters Woods Plaza15-Apr-2014
Colin Powell Elementary School  13340 Leland Road14-Sep-2014
Columbia Baptist School  103 Columbia St W5-Jun-2014
Columbia Elementary School  6720 Alpine Dr14-Oct-2014
Colvin Run Elementary School  1400 Trap Road15-Jan-2014
Com Tam Saigon  Non-Smoking Facility 6757 Wilson Boulevard29-Apr-2014
Comfort Inn  200 Elden St3-Sep-2014
Comfort Inn  5716 Van Dorn St S15-Oct-2013
Comfort Inn  6560 Loisdale Court24-Feb-2014
Comfort Inn  6111 Arlington Blvd19-Mar-2014
Comfort Inn Tysons Corner  1587 Spring Hill Rd7-Apr-2014
Comfort Inn University Center  11180 Fairfax Boulevard24-Feb-2014
Comfort Suites  13980 Metrotech Dr5-Aug-2014
Commonwealth Health & Rehab Center  4315 Chain Bridge Rd30-Jul-2014
Community Canteen  Non-Smoking Facility 12011 Sunset Hills Road20-Jul-2014
Compass Group USA  Non-Smoking Facility 2001 Edmund Halley Drive14-Apr-2014
Concourse Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 1593 Spring Hill Rd29-May-2014
Congressional School of Virginia Pre-School  3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd15-May-2014
Congressional Schools of Virginia  3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd15-May-2014
Convene  Non-Smoking Facility 1800 Tyson's Boulevard17-Mar-2014
Cooper Intermediate School  977 Balls Hill Rd5-Oct-2014
Copan Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 733 Elden Street4-Jun-2014
Corner Bakery Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 2001 International Dr27-May-2014
Corner Bakery Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3903-B Fair Ridge Drive4-Sep-2014
Cornerstone Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 8618 Westwood Center Drive22-Sep-2014
Cornerstones  4211 Walney Rd1-May-2014
Corporate Chefs  Non-Smoking Facility 4801 Stonecroft Blvd12-Jan-2014
Corporate Chefs at Mitre  Non-Smoking Facility 7525 Colshire Drive14-Apr-2014
Corporate Chefs at Mitre Rappahanock  Non-Smoking Facility 1550 West Branch Dr 5-Jun-2014
Corporate Chefs @ Center of Innovative Technology  Non-Smoking Facility 2214 Rockhill Rd15-May-2014
Corporate Deli  Non-Smoking Facility 607 Herndon Parkway ##10621-May-2014
Corpus Christi Early Childhood Center  7506 St Philips Court30-May-2013
Corpus Christi School  3301 Glen Carlyn Road18-Oct-2013
Cosi #63  Non-Smoking Facility 11909 Democracy Dr31-Jul-2014
Cosmopolitan Catering  5795-F Burke Centre Parkway23-Jun-2014
Cosmopolitan Grill  Non-Smoking Facility 7770 Richmond Highway10-Dec-2013
Cosmos Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 11400 Commerce Park Drive ##1503-Apr-2014
Costco Wholesale  Non-Smoking Facility 4725 West Ox Rd17-Jun-2014
Costco Wholesale  Non-Smoking Facility 14390 Chantilly Crossing Lane23-Sep-2014
Costco Wholesale Newington  Non-Smoking Facility 7373 Boston Blvd19-Aug-2014
Costco Wholesale #1115  Non-Smoking Facility 7940 Richmond Highway3-Oct-2013
Counter, The  Non-Smoking Facility 11922 Democracy Dr25-Aug-2014
Country Club of Fairfax  Non-Smoking Facility 5110 Ox Rd14-Oct-2014
Country Club Of Fairfax (Fitness Facility)  Non-Smoking Facility 5110 Ox Rd20-Jul-2014
Country Club of Fairfax(Halfway House)  Non-Smoking Facility 5110 Ox Rd14-Oct-2014
Country Oven  2501 Centreville Road #818-Jun-2014
Country School House  13316 Braddock Rd24-Sep-2014
Country Woodland School  7152 Woodland Dr12-Feb-2013
Courtside Thai Cuisine  Non-Smoking Facility 3981 Chain Bridge Rd5-Jun-2014
Courtyard by Marriott  Non-Smoking Facility 2722 Gallows Road19-Mar-2014
Courtyard by Marriott  6710 Commerce St21-Feb-2013
Courtyard by Marriott  Non-Smoking Facility 11220 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy25-Sep-2014
Courtyard By Marriott Herndon  533 Herndon Parkway26-Sep-2013
Courtyard by Marriott Tysons Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 1960-A Chain Bridge Rd11-Jun-2014
Courtyard Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 4350 Fairlakes Court15-Oct-2014
Courtyard Dulles Chantilly  3935 Centerview Drive17-Sep-2014
Coyote Grille  Non-Smoking Facility 14101 Saint Germain Drive5-Jun-2014
Coyote Grille & Cantina  Non-Smoking Facility 10266 Main St7-Oct-2014
Crave Frozen Yogurt  Non-Smoking Facility 10160 Fairfax Blvd #1108-Oct-2014
Crave Frozen Yogurt  Non-Smoking Facility 476 Elden Street28-May-2014
Creative Play School  8331 Washington Ave25-Sep-2014
Creative World Learning Center  6715 Little River Tpke11-Feb-2013
Crepe Amour  Non-Smoking Facility 405-407 Maple Ave, East20-Jul-2014
Crepe Love Truck  405-407 Maple Ave, East13-Jan-2014
Crestwood Elementary School  6010 Hanover Ave7-Oct-2014
Crisp & Juicy  Non-Smoking Facility 7520 Leesburg Pike3-Sep-2014
Cristy's Dely  Non-Smoking Facility 7202 Arlington Blvd8-May-2014
Crossroads  6901 Van Dorn St S24-Mar-2014
Crossroads Baptist Church Child Development Center  Non-Smoking Facility 3538 Moncure Avenue25-Sep-2014
Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner  Non-Smoking Facility 1960 Chain Bridge Rd8-May-2014
Crusty Dog Truck  3130 Dashiell Road28-Mar-2014
CS Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 3170 Fairview Park Drive24-Mar-2014
Cub Run Elementary School  5301 Sully Station Rd28-May-2014
Cuco Lindo Restaurant  Non-Smoking Facility 8428 Richmond Hwy4-Sep-2014
Cue Club Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7014 Columbia Pike27-Jul-2014
Culpepper Cafe  Non-Smoking Facility 7923 Jones Branch Dr30-Mar-2014
Cunningham Park Elementary School  1001 Park St Se11-Sep-2014
Cups & Mugs  1850 Town Center Parkway20-Jul-2014
Curleys Q BBQ  4980 Wyaconda Road Unit G7-Apr-2014
Curry Mantra  Non-Smoking Facility 9984 Main Street25-Jun-2014
Curry Mantra 2  Non-Smoking Facility 1077 W. Broad St20-Mar-2014
Curry Mantra 3  Non-Smoking Facility 262H Cedar Lane SE27-Mar-2014
Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen  Non-Smoking Facility 2911 District Avenue #1707-Sep-2014